Feel Hip and Young with #YoungerTV

Who wouldn’t want a second chance at living their life? I mean, not in the being born again and you would have to go through every single horror of puberty and adolescence and all that shit but like life in your 20s (given that you’re already in your 30s, at least)?

Would you like that?

Well, Liza got a chance at just that.

For those who aren’t familiar with this semi-new TV show, Younger is about this woman in her 40s who took a sabbatical from work for about 10 years (mainly because of her daughter) and has now decided to get back in the game since her daughter has now gone off to college.

It should be as easy as it looks given that Liza, the main character, has about a decade of experience to back her up. But in this new world where how young you are and how dope (what’s the right slang word for this?) your #OOTD is are far more important than what your resume has to say, the whole thing isn’t going to be a piece of cake.

Ugh, these gorgeous creatures!

So what’s a grown-ass woman got to do?

That’s easy.

Pretend to be a 26-year-old and make the world believe that you’ve got little to no work experience.

Trust me, I shook my head too and practically face-palmed at the whole damn thing. Like seriously, who would buy that?

Well, I guess if they actually gave a 26-year-old the role who will do the reverse—pretend to be a 40-year-old who’s pretending to be a 26-year-old (headache alert), then it just might. Because let’s face it, there are very few actresses in their 40s who can pass for a girl in their 20s.

Teen Queen Hilary Duff (aka forever Lizzie McGuire) and Sutton Foster who does not look a day over 25.

But no. Liza is played by Sutton Foster—an actual 40-year-old (41, actually). And she really could pass for a millennial, if you’re asking me. Well, except when she’s seen at some angles where you’d notice some lines and wrinkles around her eyes. Other than that, we’re all in the clear here.

Seriously, though. I like the concept and the story line. I like the cast of characters (ugh, all hail teen queen Hilary Duff). And most of all, I like that feeling of suspense whenever another character is about to find out or has already found out about Liza’s secret and what she’s going to do to convince them to keep their mouths shut.

Seriously, the cast is a mix of 20+ and 40+ year olds but just look at all of them, looking like they all came from the same generation!

If you haven’t already, give this show a shot. There’s a young, tattooed, hot guy waiting for you. Well, if that’s what you’re into, at least. LOL.

Plus, it’s set in New York. And who doesn’t love the City (whether or not you’re planning on actually settling down there or just simply visiting)???

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