Lazada Philippines: Your one-stop, shitty online shop

I am pissed off so bear with me here. I just really want to get this down in writing and get my point across—Fuck you, Lazada! I don’t even know why I even bothered with this sorry-ass online shop. I’ve hated the damn site for so many years, I seriously don’t know what I was thinking!

So here’s a little back story. A few years ago, I found out about Lazada.

Knowing about the existence of this website really put a smile on my face. For one, it carried a lot of products that are not available or are hard to find here in the Philippines. Second, they also carry a wide range of makeup products (hallelujah for makeup addicts like me) from brands that are either too expensive or also not available in our local counters.

LOL @ genuine.

After checking the lot of the products, though, I have concluded one thing: in spite of their claim that “all purchases on Lazada are guaranteed to be genuine products”, they list many that are obviously fakes and are probably China-made products parading as “Singapore Authentic” items (no such thing).

My main issue with this is that they have this “100% Genuine Product” badge plastered on all their listings when clearly, some (or most) of those are not genuine. This is clearly a scam and they’re seriously fooling people with this claim that’s obviously a lie.

Disclaimer: I have never actually purchased any of the items below, but I do my research and I know my makeup brands. Go ahead and judge these products for yourself.

Anastasia Beverly Hills has never released nor manufactured their lip products in tube lipstick form; they have always taken pride in their liquid lipsticks. Also, their liquid lipsticks cost $20 (approximately Php1,000 before taxes) so how in the wold is this just for Php500 (disregarding the sale price)??? Also, the description says “liquid form” when this is clearly not in any way liquid. LOL who is Lazada and this seller trying to fool???
Even the original price is too good to be true. The actual Urban Decay Naked palette retails for $54 which is about Php2,700 before taxes. So, really, genuine??? Bullshit.

The product and the shit that started it all—

So Lazada had their anniversary sale a few weeks back and we got our cute little pupper around the same time. We wanted to get started on potty training our baby so while I seriously dislike Lazada, the girlfriend is okay with it so she scoured the website for dog supplies and we found this:

Both photos show the actual listing from the actual seller where we got our products from.

Since we bought the product during the sale, we paid Php699 for it. We got it at a cheaper price but it might as well have cost us Php100 and I’d still call it a waste of money.

Here are just some of our concerns about this product—which stemmed off of what they said it is on the listing itself:

  • 100% Genuine Product – it is not. If you don’t believe me, check out the nearest Pet Express near you and you’ll see what the authentic product actually looks like. And it also costs Php2,000+ there.
  • Material: Plastic – it is plastic, and it’s the cheapest type of plastic there is (the type that you’d see on 95% of products sold at Divisoria, which is where this most likely came from). We have a dog, not a baby so our pupper would end up just biting this damn thing and it would have been ruined in a matter of weeks.
  • The ingenious mat is made of an antimicrobial and odor-resistant artificial turf that gives off an organic scent – no, this is definitely not an “ingenious” mat. And it’s artificial, alright as it’s also made of plastic! And smells like plastic too! Not organic at all.

Also, the mat moves around and does not look like how it’s shown on the photo. It’s actually smaller by an inch or two—on all sides. And since it doesn’t stay in place and there’s no way for us to make it stay in place, not unless we use a double-sided tape or glue the damn thing down, our pupper would simply end up playing around with it and taking it somewhere else.

Bottom line, it was a disappointment. It did not meet our expectations, it was a waste of money, and it’s an overall shitty product. So yes, we ended up returning the product to Lazada and just requested for a refund because I don’t need this kind of shit lying around my house.

Returning the items (and the story of the bubble wrap)—

After 2 days, we dropped by LBC to return the item (including the free dog-nail trimmer that we got which was too damn big for our dog, by the way; I think it’s for bigger breeds).

Annoying as I have to be inconvenienced some more by going to LBC myself instead of the courier picking up the items at my house (which is how Zalora does it; take notes, Lazada). And when I arrived at LBC, I apparently had to bubble wrap the products which aren’t even fragile. The LBC person even asked me to go to National Bookstore first and buy bubble wrap before he can process the return.

Wow, sweetheart, it’s plastic so no, I ain’t bubble-wrapping any of that shit. And I’m not spending any more of my time, energy and money on this so again, no.

Well, he probably saw that I was already on the verge of completely losing it and he most likely does not want to be on the receiving end of my anger at 9 in the morning, so he ended up just letting the situation slip and took care of the returns without another word.

And here I am thinking that this is going to be the end of it, but I was wrong.

Getting our money back (when Lazada was once again being the incompetent shit that they are)— 


According to the website, the process of getting us our money back is 1-2 business days and it starts as soon as they receive the items that we returned.

Now I don’t know for sure when they got the items exactly but we received the remittance number on April 4th—5 business days after we dropped the items off at LBC, which was last March 28th. It is still within a reasonable time frame so I’m not going to complain about this.

Along with the remittance number, the email also stated that I need to bring a valid ID (understandable) in order to get my refund. So when I got to LBC, I filled out the remittance form and patiently waited for my name to be called.

The lady asked for my ID and I gave it to her. After a few minutes, she told me that we have a problem as the remittance is addressed to just Victoria and my full name’s Maria Victoria, which is, of course, what’s on my ID. She refused to give me the money as the name on their file and the one on my ID does not match (again, understandable as this is for security reasons, anyway).

I got out of LBC pissed as hell because Lazada did not have the courtesy and the decency to include in their Return form that the name that they have should be the same as our legal name, and if not, we would have the option of editing it right then and there to avoid any of this inconvenience.

Before anybody raises an eyebrow, I don’t use my full name when I order online. As with most Filipinas who have Maria as their first name, I drop mine too and use just my second name. So that is exactly what I did here and Lazada didn’t even think about that part. Oh heck, Lazada didn’t even think about verifying the name that they have on file; if it is exactly the same as what is shown on our IDs because we need it to be the same because otherwise, we don’t get our money back.

How about people with two or more names who just opt to use one of those when they shop online? You ever think of that, huh, Lazada? No. Because you all are just a bunch of selfish, useless pricks.

Customer service people (The never-ending and forever-annoying ‘I’m sorry for the inconvenience’)— 

No. You’ve already inconvenienced me so how about you do something about it?

The emails that I got from the representative (Allen) and the supervisor (Naimah).

So before I left LBC, the lady told me that I had to call Lazada to get the name changed and I can just go back once I had that completed.

First of all, I don’t want to call Lazada. Second, I don’t want to inconvenience myself some more by calling Lazada. Third, I really don’t want to interact with anyone from Lazada.

But I have no choice because fucking Lazada gave me no choice. 699 is 699 and while that amount may be nothing for some people, it’s a big amount for me. So I had to do what I had to do and I called Lazada.

Long story short, they told me that the process would be easy but it would take 1-2 more business days for the change of name to take effect and well, I went apeshit on the girl I was speaking with and the supervisor that I demanded to talk to.

This is something that’s not even my fault and had Lazada just verified the name with me, this would have never happened. Hell, had Lazada been a decent online shopping website where products sold are not crappy and Divisoria-level, this would have never happened.

But Lazada is a sad excuse for an online shop—useless, incompetent, scammers, and an utter nightmare.

I got my money back already but ugh. Never again, Lazada. Never!

A piece of advice, if and when you do decide to purchase anything from Lazada, be very careful. Do your research and make sure that the product that you’re buying is actually 100% authentic, especially for skin/beauty products.

Note: The rant above is obviously based on my personal experience. Some may have experienced something entirely different but I’m sharing this with you because I really need to write this experience down to relieve myself of the stress. LOL.


      1. In the US is not too bad. At least the process is smooth. I think this refund process you have to do is harder. Like everyone trying to stop you to get your money back. XD


  1. I did the same thing when I had half the mind to order for a Christmas present. I got the damn package well into the second week of January, over a month after I ordered a week into December. I posted several reviews on the order, and every other item like it. None of the reviews showed up though. Shoulda known they’d filter that.


    1. Did the package arrive okay, though? Well I didn’t think about posting a review because I kind of knew that they filter those but now I know for sure. Tangina why must they be such an annoying online shop!


  2. I had the VERY SAME experience about my refund with Lazada. I called them 7 times to get my name right (I had Ashley Alfonso on the order but my full name is Chara Ashley Alfonso) and 3 times to get the refund amount right. They gave me a measly 200php voucher for the inconvenience which (as the email said, will expire on april 2) but actually expired days before the expiration date and I never got to use it. Told myself to never shop at Lazada again. Fucking never.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh, I feel you. Never na talaga. They’re the absolute worst. If they’re going to be processing refunds via remittance, how about they at least verify the name first or at least give us the option to edit to our legal names???? Tangina they’re so fucking annoying!

      Liked by 1 person


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