My Partner is a “Dutertard”; I’m Not

I was browsing mindlessly through Facebook when I stumbled upon this post from BuzzFeed. It’s about Susan—a mom to a 21-year-old, who “scam[med] a Trump rally to create empty seats”.

Well, I’m not going to go into the details of the post or what she did because that’s not what I want to point out here; click on the link above and head on over to BuzzFeed if you want to know what Susan did exactly.

What caught my attention in the article, though, is the last part where she said that she’s not worried about the “fiery Trump supporters” because her fiancé, who’s a conservative, voted for Trump. She also mentioned that “[they’ve] had several heated discussions”, but “it’s really not worth it [and] that [they] agree to disagree”.

This hit the nail right in the head because we all know that we have a Trump counterpart here in the Philippines—Duterte, anyone?—and the girlfriend is a “die-hard Dutertard”, while I, on the other hand, absolutely despise him.

Illustration by Rene Elevera from Inquirer.

So what’s it like being with someone who’s got such a different political view and opinion than yours?

Let’s just be honest here: it’s fucking hard.

You go through the Internet, read and/or watch the latest news and you want to talk to your S.O. about how fucked up the current President is (in my opinion, at least) and how fucking annoying all his “mindless followers” are—but you can’t. Because she thinks otherwise and you two are just gonna end up in the middle of an unnecessary brawl.

Most people would think it’s unbearable and that they wouldn’t wanna be with someone who’s got a completely opposite view and opinion from yours in the first place, but I’d say it’s okay.

Of course, there would be days when I just want to scream at the top of my lungs and rant all the fucking day long about what’s going on in the country—extrajudicial killings, drug war bullshit, the current threatening of the freedom of our press, the constant notion that people who do not like Duterte are automatically “Yellowtards”, and of course, the insanely obnoxious Mocha Uson.

digong-empty-talk-by-renan (1)
Illustration by Renan Ortiz from Bulatlat.

But I can’t.

Whenever I can no longer handle the emotions, and I just have to say something before my head explodes, I would have to put out a disclaimer that I’m not in the mood to fight anyone—especially her—on this and what I’m about to say is my personal opinion and all she has to do is be a pal, and just listen.

I’m very opinionated and I’m very vocal about what I think; about my views; about how Mocha should just quit social media altogether and just live under a rock, next to Sass Sasot.

My consolation is the fact that the girlfriend is not a “keyboard warrior” and doesn’t refer to anyone and everyone who dislikes Duterte as “Dilawan”. She also doesn’t insist that I cross the bridge and be with her on “the other side”. And she doesn’t always defend Duterte (she still does sometimes and it’s annoying, LOL) or disregard what I have to say just because it’s not the same as her opinion in the matter.

While I don’t discourage people from going into a relationship with a person whose views differ from theirs—may it be political, religious, or whatever else, I would put it out there and tell you all that it’s not a fucking walk in the park. Heated arguments would be unavoidable and you would have to soon learn that there are cases when you just have to “agree to disagree”.

Featured image illustrated by Renan Ortiz from Bulatlat.


    1. In this situation, I have more chill. Super kulo agad dugo niya whenever I say something negative about D30. But instead of making it a big deal, tinatawanan ko nalang siya. Ang hirap pag nagsalubong kami e. -___-



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