We Need to Put A Stop to this “Victim-Blaming” and “Rape” Culture

It’s 2017, and yet, apparently, stupidity is still a “thing”.

A lot of shit has been happening recently and Facebook is a toxic place to be at if you’re easily triggered (like me, but you know, social media’s a part of our daily existence already) by idiots and morons.

In case you’re not a daily Facebook user, then you probably have not read this news: A pregnant woman was harassed by her masseur. And after further investigation, it was found that this dude, in fact, harassed many other women before.

The post was shared by a friend of mine and he mentioned how insane the comments section is. Of course, I couldn’t be helped and made the mistake of reading a few of the top comments and putangina, as in putangina lang talaga.

Apparently, what happened is the woman’s fault because—

  1. She should have chosen a woman to get a massage from.
  2. She should have refused getting a massage from a guy.
  3. She should not have gotten a massage at all.
  4. She obviously had “ulterior motives” for being okay with a masseur instead of a masseuse because she could have easily declined. But since she agreed, she clearly wanted to be harassed too.

There were even comments calling out the woman for getting a massage in the first place when she’s already pregnant (like that even matters). Some even had the audacity to say that the woman was being “malandi” and saying “buntis na nga, papamasahe pa sa lalaki”.

Like, are you being serious right now??? You people have got to be fucking kidding me, right????

The thread went on and on and some people had the nerve to point out that us, women, should know our place and we shouldn’t be putting ourselves in a position where there is a possibility that we will be harassed, molested, or raped.

Instead of doing/saying that, why can’t we tell men to know their place and to not do these obviously awful things to women just because they want to or they feel like they can because of their fucked up superiority complex and belief that they can do whatever the fuck they want, especially to women?

What’s even more horrifying is the fact that a lot of the stupid and moronic comments were coming from women themselves. I just hope and pray to all the gods out there that these girls don’t get molested, harassed, or raped and then get blamed for it.

I want to just shut up, eat popcorn and watch these people go at it with their idiocy but I just could not anymore. I could no longer handle the fact that it’s already 2017 and we’re still resorting to putting the blame on the victims instead condemning the perpetrators.

On a different note, Tito Sotto once again made a stupid remark (which was apparently just a joke because that’s always these politicians’ excuse when they  get heat for their stupidity) that Sec. Judy Taguiwalo, who is a single mom and had children out of wedlock, was “na-ano lang”.

I’m not even going to be extremely triggered by this because I might end up scouring the web for Sotto’s home address so that I could personally knock on his front door and spray muriatic acid on his face.

I will say, though, that I salute every single mother (and father, for that matter) out there. I think all of you are heroes and I’m proud of you for standing on your own and for being more than capable of taking care of your kids without any help from the useless father/mother that left and was basically just good for the sex.

Also, please oust this sorry-ass excuse for a Senator. People should seriously quit putting him back in the office time and time again. He’s a fucking disgrace to the Filipino people.



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