Pretty Little Liars, We’re Almost at the End

I remember posting about this series on my tumblr account back in 2010 when it first came out and how excited I was because the first episode and the entire premise seemed very promising.

While that remained true for the next few seasons, it just became really tedious over the years. And I came to a point where I was like “come on, just get it the fuck over with already”.

Season after season, “A” is revealed and just when you think that’s the end of it and they’re moving on to a different kind of mystery, another “A” surfaces and now The Liars are just confused and annoyed as fuck.

So am I, ladies. So. Am. I.

A few days ago, I was catching up on the second half of the 7th season as the series just came back after a 2 or 3 month break. The whole time I was just like, “what the fuck? I thought…I…what the???”

They’re looking  as hot as ever, though. / Photo from ET Online.

While those reactions are normally good, especially for a mystery/suspense show, what’s actually going on in my head is how repetitive this show has gotten. Like, give me something new here, people!

But then I realized that this is going to be the last stretch of the show and this season will be the finale for the entire series, so I’m sucking it up and waiting, albeit a tad impatiently, for what the ending is going to be.

If you haven’t started watching and are planning on binge watching the show, I suggest against doing that. You’d lose your hair from frustration by season 4; and patchy hair does not look good on anyone.

But if you must, then be prepared for one of the most obnoxious and the most irritating plots and twists ever. Personal suggestion though, just go for How to Get Away with Murder or The 100. Those are far better shows than this. The only reason why I’m still watching is because I already started and have invested too much of my time, my energy, and my brain cells on this so no more going back for me.

And because I really just want to know how this is all going to end.

Featured image from Freeform.



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