Matte in Detail Liquid Lipsticks Missed the Mark

About a month or so ago, I was going through some blogs and saw this post from Ela. She reviewed the shades Zenaida and Naima from the Matte in Detail Liquid Lipstick line and while she wasn’t too impressed by them, I still took the chance as I am all for independent, start-up local brands that offer a wide range of shades for lipsticks.

For those who are not familiar, the brand is a fairly new one that launched here in the Philippines just September of last year (2016).

Photo from the BeautyMNL website.

Detail Make Over is a modern and edgy cosmetics brand that aims to provide high-quality, cruelty-free, affordable, and proudly Filipino beauty products. […] is for all makeup enthusiasts, transcending all genders, who go for their dreams and who are not afraid to be themselves. We believe that it’s the little details that make us who we are thus we encourage everyone to embrace their flaws and emphasize their assets.

The swatches provided on the BeautyMNL site only show the first 12 shades that the Matte in Detail line released, but they’re currently offering a total of 24 shades for us to choose from.

The colors range from your typical nudes (perfect for MLBBs), mid-tones, pinks and reds, to even the more unusual shades like black and purple.


I purchased Joyce and Loth, which are both nude shades (on me, at least). Joyce was described as a camel brown with a touch of peach and Loth is an in-between brown that straddles warm and cool undertones.

Both have this really strong sweet, fruity scent (melon, I think) that’s fucking annoying my sinuses. Good thing is that the smell doesn’t linger and goes away after a few minutes.

Application of the product wasn’t an issue as both shades that I have glide smoothly on the lips, without any tugging. They’re not super pigmented but the opacity is just right for an even color application.

The main problem, though, lies after applying the product on the lips. These bitches are tacky as fuck, and the stickiness gets worse as the hours pass and after you eat/drink something. They’re also really drying and when you smack your lips together (which I don’t usually do personally, but I know a lot of people who do), the product comes off and starts looking flaky, which is just so fucking horrifying.

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

The only consolation is that they don’t make my lips look chapped (given that I don’t do the lip-smacking shit) but they most definitely feel uncomfortable.

Of course, I’m not giving up. I’m going to try one of the darker shades—Alexandra or Katherine, maybe—and see how it performs. I’m also thinking about giving the Metallic ones a shot. But right now, I ain’t happy with both Joyce and Loth.

These are available at the BeautyMNL website for 225php each. And according to this article (dated September 2016 so I don’t know if this is still true), these are also available in some Cosmetix Unlimited kiosks nationwide.

P.S. Yes, that’s my adorable kitty on the photo.


  1. Loth looks like a great wearable shade. Hrmm I wouldn’t like tacky feeling lips – like I smeared GLUE on my lips? No thanks.
    Also, cute kitty!


    1. It doesn’t feel quite as sticky as glue but close enough, which is still very uncomfortable. Such a shame because the shades are really pretty! 😦



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