Current Events: Mindanao, Under State of Martial Law / #PrayForMarawi

We’re all probably already aware by now that terrorists exist and they are fucking everywhere. While most of us just want peace and unity, it just isn’t happening — not any time soon, at least.

The bombing in the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester is just one the most recent attacks that our nation had witnessed and experienced. And now, another terrorist group — The Maute Group who is proudly associating themselves with the ISIS (if you don’t know who they are, please crawl out from under that rock and stop feeding your innocence and ignorance) — has just taken over one of our cities here in the Philippines.

They have killed dozens of people (mostly Christians and Catholics); they have set fire on a lot of establishments, including chapels and government offices; and they are threatening to do more.

What they want to get out of this? That, I’m not sure. And it’s just fucking heartbreaking and horrifying to see that people are actually capable of this!

So now, our president has officially declared Mindanao – the state where Marawi City is located — under Martial Law. Now if you don’t know, Martial Law is defined simply as “military government involving the suspension of ordinary law”. So by definition, the military or the government can simply arrest without any warrant (worse, shoot you dead) so long as they see you as a threat and basic human rights are definitely thrown out the window.

While I’m completely against Martial Law, especially in the state that our country is in at the moment, I suppose there’s no other choice as these people, obviously, are not up for a peaceful negotiation. And they’re definitely not listening to any reason.

My main problem with this is the fact that the president is thinking about putting the entire country under Martial Law (don’t take my word for it; these are just unconfirmed rumors at this time)  — and a lot of his loyal followers are actually okay with this despite the threatening impact if in case this actually happens. And if you know anything about Philippine history, then you’d know that we’ve been there, we’ve done that and it was not pretty.

Putting Mindanao under Martial Law is understandable. But the entire country? That’s just beyond unacceptable and unreasonable.

These are two points (one being the Martial Law issue and two the terrorist issue) that I would rather not discuss in detail as a single post would not suffice for what I feel about both. But really, WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD???

I know calling for “peace on Earth” is a long shot at this moment since there are a lot of evil souls looming this planet, but could we still? Could we still beg the gods to give us peace? Could we still beg for these people to just come to their senses and stop?

I cannot handle this any longer. I am scared and I’m going to be selfish here but I’m only 25 years old and there are so many things that I have not done yet! I want to be able to live the next few years of my life peacefully, if y’all don’t mind.



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