What’s New, Vol. 3: Althea Korea Haul

Korean skincare are all the rave these days (aren’t Korean everything so popular lately, though?) and since I’m a little bit of a skincare junkie lately, I just had to get on that bandwagon.

I purchased a few Korean skincare already but I wanted more since I’m trying my hand at this infamous a-million-step Korean skincare routine. I scoured the web for the online shops that I know carry Korean skincare and then remembered Althea Korea. It wasn’t too long ago when they launched their site to the Philippine market (and the Global market too, I think) so their items are still fairly priced and they often have sales and discounts.

The one thing that I didn’t know is that Althea ships straight and fresh from Korea. I had this expectation that I would be getting my package after a mere day or two but nooooo as I apparently had to wait 14-21 days for it to arrive. I personally don’t mind waiting had I known prior to ordering that this was the case, but whatever, I just had to deal with it.

Good news is that I didn’t have to wait that long after all as the package arrived after just 7 days! I ordered last May 24th and the parcel arrived last June 1st, and I wasn’t even expecting it until some time this week or next week the latest!

Another thing that I didn’t expect is that it would come in this pretty box! I thought the items were just gonna be bubble-wrapped and put in some cheap cardboard box or plastic bag, but no. They were all neatly and carefully packed inside this big, gorgeous box that I can reuse as an organizer or something.

So here are the products that I got:

  • B-Lab I Am Sorry I Am Just Cleansing Foam
  • Calmia Oatmeal Therapy Cleansing Foam
  • RIRE Pore Tightening Fresh Toner
  • The Faceshop Rice & Ceramide Moisture Toner
  • It’s My Sun Cream (Waterproof)
  • Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream Fresh Watery

I have so far only tried the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream which is a gel moisturizer and the RIRE Pore Tightening Fresh Toner which is, well, a toner. The others are still either in their respective boxes or still sealed. I just purchased a few items not too long ago so I’m trying those first prior to trying out anything else.

I’m super excited about this routine that I’m building and more excited about my experience with Althea so I did what any junkie would–make a long-ass list of all the other items that I want to buy next.

They often have sales so in addition to the overall discount (because of codes and/or the free shipping), each individual item are already sold at a lesser price.

The only downside is the limited number of choices. There aren’t very many products to choose from and not every product released by a particular brand is carried on the website. There are instances when only one or two items from a brand is/are available for purchase which sucks, but meh, you can’t have it all.

I’m definitely excited to try all these new skincare items. *EEEEEPPPPPP*


If you want to shop at Althea as a new customer, you may use my referral link to get a discount to get a discount on your total order on your first purchase. There’s a minimum purchase amount and the discount depends on the country you’re from. Check below for your reference.

[Country: Minimum Purchase – Discount]

  • USA & Rest of the World: $50 – $15
  • Indonesia: Rp500,000 – Rp70,000
  • Malaysia: RM150 – RM20
  • Philippines: PHP1,500 – PHP200
  • Singapore: S$50 – S$7
  • Thailand: THB1,299 – THB200

Note: If you use my referral link, I will be getting the same discount amount that you got as a shopping credit that I can use on my next purchase, so help your girl out here! LOL. And no, this post is not sponsored by Althea Korea.



  1. I’ve already tried the Oatmeal Therapy and Face Shop Toner on my first Althea Haul. And they’re pretty good. Very calming on the face. The prices are really competitive compared to the ones they have in their physical stores in our country.


    1. I am in love with the TFS toner. Super ganda niya and super moisturizing! I’m yet to try the Oatmeal cleanser but now I’m looking forward to it. And yes, super cheap sa Althea tapos dami pa discounts. 🙂


  2. Yay for new skincare goodies! Glad you received your box within only 7 days! I also got the Rire Pore Tightening toner but I haven’t opened it yet. By the way, thanks for using my referral link, Biktoryaa hehe. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yaaaas! Did you receive yours na? I kinda don’t like the Rire toner but I’m giving it a few more tries. 🙂 And it worked??? I clicked on it twice but it would not auto-populate the welcome code, which is weird. So I just typed it manually. Buti nagwork! Thanks for that, btw. :* (And you called me Biktorya hihihi)


      1. Yes, last May 25 pa dumating yung sakin. I’m glad you didn’t have to wait too long for your package to arrive. Oh, I hope the Rire toner won’t cause breakouts. Does it smell nice?

        Also, thanks for the feedback. Check ko nalang ulit yung link. Mas cool yung Biktoryaaa hehe. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It didn’t cause me any breakouts (thank god) but it was so incredibly tacky and it made my face look greasy! Even after 12 hours, ganun pa rin. 😦 I don’t think it has a noticeable scent so I can’t say that it smells nice. Haha.

        I prefer Biktorya, actually. I want to legally change my name to that. Lol :p

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yikes! I have two of these toners pa naman. I’m gonna open mine soon to test it our for myself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this product.

        Pretty name yung Victoria pero mas cool talaga yung Biktorya hehe. 💕

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Hopefully it works out for you! The jowa has normal/oily skin and it makes her face super sticky as well. So hmm.. I don’t know. Sana it’s just us. -___-

        Hahahaha. I actually prefer people calling me Biktorya rather than Victoria. Ang lakas maka-kanto e, ang cute lang. :p

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Sige, try ko na yang toner soon.

        I don’t know you personally pero feeling ko lang mas bagay sayo yung Biktorya hehe. Mas edgy and may presence, tsaka unique
        haha. 😝

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Let me know how it works 🙂 Hahaha. A lot of my friends do call me Biktorya. Mas bet daw nila kesa sa real name ko. Kaya ayun, pinanindigan ko na. :p

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🙂 Most of these products I haven’t heard of either. I just saw them on the site and decided to give them a shot. Lol

      Liked by 1 person

  3. That’s so good there’s a local online shop that sells K-beauty for you! I mostly shop on Korean sites since shipping is usually free but it takes a while to receive the items (a month to 6 weeks).
    I haven’t tried any of the items you got but I am using a Face Shop toner and I love it! (it’s the Chia Seed one) I think it might possibly be my new favourite toner.
    Enjoy everything! Your skins is going to be in tip top shape!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s not actually local shop. It’s still a Korean site where you can choose Philippines as your country and then you’ll see already-converted prices. And it usually takes 2-3 weeks to get the items. I was just lucky that I got mine delivered in just a week. :p

      I will have to look into that toner. Looks like a good one if it has chia seeds. Haha thanks. I’m pretty excited about everything. 🙂



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