MKNA Food Adventure @ Shizen Ramen House

Ah, yes, ramen. For those who don’t know, I’m a big lover of Japanese foods and cuisine – name it and I’ve probably had it at least once.

Then last week, I was seriously craving for a good noodle dish (not necessarily Japanese). I was torn between ramen and laksa but opted for the former because I remembered this one ramen house here in Marikina that I’ve yet to try and one that was highly-recommended by friends. And yes, that’s where the girlfriend and I had our post-anniversary date last weekend.

The Shizen Ramen House is a hole in the wall restaurant located a mere walking distance away from where we live. So I was seriously hoping that the food would be good so that we can easily get our ramen fix whenever we can.

The place is a little small with only 4 tables (3 4-seater; 1 2-seater) and 4 tall chairs located on the counter. But it’s a good thing that we got there right before dinner time so there were literally no diners (I’ve read reviews saying that the place is always full so we were definitely in luck). It’s got a cozy ambiance but the airconditioning needs a little improvement as it was a little warm inside — not good if you know that you’d be consuming a hot bowl of ramen.

(Just so you know, I am currently writing this post on my phone, a few minutes after I’ve consumed my huge-ass bowl of ramen!)

And yes, I am beyond ecstatic to report that their ramens are amazing! I can’t believe that we waited this long to give this restaurant a try! The girlfriend and I ordered the Chasyu Ramen and Yakuza Ramen respectively. I also added in an order of their 3-piece Gyoza because #gyozaislife.

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Their servings are HUGE! Now I actually already read in another blog review of the place that they serve huge bowls of ramen but I actually wasn’t expecting them to be that big! Like seriously, one bowl is atually good for two persons (if both of you aren’t big eaters) already.

I ordered the Yakuza Ramen because, according to the server, it’s the spiciest in their selection. But being the chili-addict that I claim to be, I actually didn’t find it too spicy. It just has the right amount of kick that I’m perfectly okay with. The Chasyu Ramen, on the other hand, was a little too bland for my liking. The girlfriend actually had to put chili oil and chili pepper just to give it some spice.

The problem with a lot of the ramen places that I’ve tried before is that their ramens are either too bland or too spicy. I haven’t had one that’s just perfectly in-between — until today (I’m looking at you Yakuza).

My huge bowl of Yakuza Ramen (PHP209) and peek at my 3-pc Gyoza.
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The girlfriend’s Chasyu Ramen (PHP189).
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A closer look at my Gyoza (PHP80).

The toppings are delicious — Chasyu had chashu pork meat in it (hence the name, albeit with a spelling twist) and Yakuza had tofu and beansprouts (it says in the menu that there’s mushroom too but I didn’t see/taste any). The noodles are amazing and the thickness and the amount per bowl is just perfect.

As for the gyoza, it’s nothing special. It tastes like most of the gyozas I’ve tried before so I can’t say much about it. I would comment on its price, though, as it costs PHP80 per order which includes 3pcs and I think that’s pretty steep considering the non-special taste of it. To be fair, they weren’t stingy on the filling so that’s a plus!

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Fortunately, the ramen noodles are priced at a very affordable rate. Given that the servings are huge and that they actually taste really good, I’m seriously impressed. The girlfriend and I are actually already planning on going back and trying out the other ramen flavors that they have.

4PM to 10PM, Tuesdays-Fridays
11AM-10PM, Saturdays-Sundays
70 Bayan-Bayanan Ave. Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Edited in 2020: This place is now closed. I think, since back in 2018 or early 2019.


  1. Only FOUR tables? That’s guarantee to have a line up down the street here in Toronto. People LOVE lining up for stuff here for some reason! You really lucked out not having to wait when you visited!
    We love gyoza too. There’s a place near us that makes the absolute best ones. I could eat 10 of them just for my meal and skip the ramen! Too bad these ones here weren’t great.
    Last week we tried a new ramen dish – karaage (fried Chicken) ramen. It was delicious but TOO much food! I guess there are worse things to complain about, right? I think it’s best practice if ramen places offer a small and a large size portion for us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yeah, just four — sadly. Haha. And no, people here in PH hate lining up for whatever. I’m a prime example of that. If the lines in a particular fast food is too long, I’m going elsewhere. If the grocery has too many people and the line has gotten ridiculously long, I’m buying my groceries some place else. Lol. I think it’s the Filipino “culture” of being too lazy for practically anything. Haha! They weren’t really not great but they weren’t super special, either. The price point is a little less than CA$2 and you could actually get a 4-pc gyoza that taste just the same for less than CA$1. That’s just the reason why I wasn’t too ecstatic about it. 😦 Haha I’m not a big fan of chicken, including karaage so I probably wouldn’t like that ramen dish. But give me any spicy noodles and I’m up for it! And yes for the option of a smaller bowl because what we had was really huge. Although I’m actually a big eater so of course one bowl is just enough for me. (What is diet? Lol)



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