Re-Publishing Posts is Apparently A Thing

And I’m honestly confused…and a  little bit annoyed.

I’ve wanted to talk about this for a while now but I wasn’t sure if it’s for real or if my eyes were just deceiving me. Plus, I honestly thought that I was the only one who noticed this but apparently not. Stashy mentioned this “trend” in one of her comments in one of my posts and holy fuck, it really is a thing!

First of all, re-uploading your old and already-published content for the sake of getting more likes, comments, and views is just fucking bullshit and not to mention pathetic. That shit’s not new content, that’s what you call clutter.

If you do this, I need an answer. Why the fuck do you re-upload your posts? I mean, the obvious answer would be to up your statistics and site’s traffic but other than those, is/are there any other reason? Because seriously, if all you have to say is it’s “to up your numbers”, then honey, that’s just downright heartbreaking and I seriously pity you.

I know, I know. To each their own. That’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it and blah blah blah. But really, this is a trend that needs to fucking stop.

Again and again: focus on your content and readers will follow suit. There’s no point in constantly worrying about the numbers – followers, likes, comments, and traffic – when you can’t even publish a decently-written, and might I add: well-proof-read post (grammar is important, people!).

If you’re stressed about having a stagnant blog and you don’t have any ideas for a new post, then I suggest sitting back and taking a breather. Republishing old content is not the way to go; it’s in the past so just leave it there. Channel your energy on writing new content. Take note: recycling is only good for the environment, not for your blog.

On a different note, it’s the Metro Manila Pride March Festival later today and I am too excited! Here’s too hoping that I’d be able to document the event well (dear phone, please cooperate with me as you’re the only camera that I use).

This is Day 4 of my #30DaysOfWriting Challenge.


  1. I want to move all my beauty content from scatterbraintures to bsfreebeauty. Does that count as reposting? I backdate, though. Para hindi sya sana lumabas sa feeds ng subscribed sa rss.

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    1. Hahahaha no. This was really pertaining to the annoying bloggers who republish/repost every day or so-and-so hours just to get more likes and comments. I didn’t know it was a “thing”. Medyo nagulat lang ako nung narealize ko what was happening. Hahahaha


      1. No. More like they posted it first June 1st, then they’ll just edit the time and/or date para mag mukang “bago” yung post. Para nasa taas siya yung ulit nung feed/blog reader. Hahaha. I didn’t know too kaya I was baffled nung nalaman ko. 😅😂


      2. I’m surprised it improves stats. I read somewhere that Google favors unique content. Kung paulit ulit lang, I think Google algorithm will notice.

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      3. I don’t think it’s merely for the stats. It’s more for gaining new likes, comments, and follows. Didn’t know na may mga ganun. Hahaha


  2. Hahah! This is hilarious!
    I stumbled across my first ‘repost’ on my WordPress reader only the other day! And I got so, so confused! I was like … surely I have already read this … but also commented AND liked. Haha. Anyways. Love your passion V.

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  3. As for me, I reposted some of my old posts because I reread them and my grammar sucks. It’s only a handful and I mostly did it to improve my proficiency in English. 😛

    I feel guilty with your post but at the same time, it doesn’t matter to me because blogging is so much more than likes for me. I do it to practice my English and develop my creativity, etc. I guess it boils down to why they would repost their old content?

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    1. Naaaah. I was actually referring to at least 3 bloggers that I used to follow that constantly repost their content in a span of 3 days. Like example, they posted it originally June 23 at 8PM, they’d repost it again at 11PM, then the next day, June 24 at 9AM, then 3PM, then 6PM, then 10PM, then the next day AGAIN. All so it would be up their followers’ feeds and the tags and they could get more likes and comments and possibly, more following and more site traffic. I’ve even read one of these bloggers actually encouraging her followers to do the same because according to her “stats are not important but to you HAVE to do this to get more likes and comments on your posts and if you don’t know how, follow me on twitter and instagram, send me a message and I’ll teach you.” So ano na, te? Di importante stats but you do this yourself and even advise others to do it to up their stats? Natatawa lang ako.

      I’ve reposted content from my old blog onto this new one because of the same reason as you have and if I feel like the topic is still relevant up to this day. I don’t really mind that. Irita lang talaga ko dun sa jusko mga 20 times atang nirepost sa loob ng tatlong araw. Mygaaaad. Hahahaha

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      1. Oh my gaddd hahaha unfollow na yun for sure! Grabe naman yung ganun. Spam tawag dun sa ginagawa niya!!! That’s crazy!


  4. Wow, such passion! Hahaha! Ramdam kita, teh! 😀

    I’ve seen bloggers who do that and i don’t get it as well. Maybe platforms like Tumblr and Twitter are lenient to such practice, but it’s impractical for a blog site. Itigil ang kalokohang yan. Hahaha charot!

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    1. Buhay ka nanaman! :p Hahaha.

      Haynako, tell me about it. I usually see sa blogs ng foreigners and it’s super annoying. I’ve started to unfollow a bunch of people because of it. -___-


  5. I have I think one person who does that and it drives me crazy, because when I’m scrolling through my reader and I’m like.. didn’t I read that already last week?? Hope this trend stops, because it’s insane!

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    1. Tell me about it. Honestly, I just unfollow them. If they’re republishing or reposting their content over and over, then they must not have good content in the first place lol. No hate, it’s just that I just really don’t like clutter on my feed. Haha. Glad I’m not the only who feels this way.

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