#HereTogether at the Metro Manila Pride Festival 2017


Yesterday, June 24th, we celebrated the 23rd annual — the longest in South East Asia and almost as old as I am — Metro Manila Pride March Festival.

It was technically my 2nd time to attend but it was my 1st time to actually join the march. And to say that the experience was nothing short of amazing, liberating, and empowering would be an understatement.

I saw a lot of couples holding hands, hugging, kissing, and basically showing all kinds of affection without worrying about being condemned and judged by other people. I saw a lot of straight allies showing their massive support and love for everyone who’s part of the LGBTQ+ community.

Unfortunately and sadly, I also saw a few (thank god) protesters who are so adamantly against us and who are blatantly shouting their hate for “people like us”. It makes me wonder if the religion and the god and the bible that they’re, without any hesitations, shoving down our throats are things that they actually live by and for on a daily basis.

Are these people actually following the bible to the T or just hating on the LGBTQ+ people for selfish and personal reasons? The answer, I might never know. But I have come to realize that they are, in fact, all hypocrites and their twisted beliefs and blind hatred are some things that I should not be bothered by (doesn’t mean I can’t be annoyed by them, though).

If you're not Filipino, the one on the left says
If you’re not Filipino, the one on the left says “PROHIBITED: ACTS OF LASCIVIOUSNESS” and on the right “PROHIBITED: GAYS AND LESBIANS”. And then there’s us, showing our love in spite of these people.
For the first time, the girlfriend felt super comfortable that she was 100% okay with kissing in public.

So instead, I’ll share the love and I’ll spread the love. After all, who doesn’t like rainbows and unicorns? 🌈 HAPPY PRIDE, EVERYONE!

Day 5 of my 30 Days of Writing Challenge.


  1. While I have no issues with the LGBT community (I have known a lot of LGBT people over the years who do not have abrasive attitudes), I am taking issue with the wannabe Westboro Baptist Church pundits who picket peaceful gatherings like that – and the Americans who are the driving force behind such picket lines. (I’d love to see a Philippine chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders block these fundamentalists from any future Pride events, in the same manner as the original US group blocking Fred Phelps and his motley crew.)

    Incidentally – after seeing your post, I asked my dad (who is a lawyer) if there are any legal grounds to have the fundies deported and declared persona non grata. It reminded me of Thomas van Beersum, that Dutch national who participated in a rally and heckled a policeman – which got him kicked out. According to him however, religious grounds are not a probable cause for deportation. Beersum was kicked out because he participated in a rally that aimed to overthrow the government / incite people to rebellion.

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    1. I have a personal issue with them and I actually felt like slapping one of them across the face as he got too up close and personal on me. -__-

      Unfortunately, yes. We have no legal grounds to sue these types of people because there is a law protecting them (which sucks as they’re all really just pricks hiding behind their gods and their bibles).

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  2. So incredible!
    But ick on the protests. No one was DARE to pull that stunt here in Toronto. Last year there was some drama with the Black Lives Matter movement but it was eventually resolved. I didn’t like it for the fact that they used another event to further their own agenda. How would they like it if the LGBT community came to a BLM rally and starting crap there?
    Heeee, I love the picture of you two in front of the protesters! ❤ Your GF's expression is the sweetest!

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    1. It’s great how a lot of Canadians support the LGBT community. Sadly, though, there were actually 2 Americans who traveled all the way from the US just to protest. I would give them A for their efforts, though.

      Hahaha. I actually blackmailed her into agreeing. I literally dragged her so we can have our photo taken. :p


  3. Happy to be a part of history!!! 😀 You’re one of the people who convinced me to go to my first Pride and I have no regrets! Also, I already have a sign/placard statement in mind for next year 😉

    The ‘gatecrashers,’ as i’d like to call them, can’t rain on our parade. Three of them attempted to gang up on me; good thing the marshals did their job. Next time, i’d make sure to join the march. 😀

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    1. I’m glad that I have managed to convince you! Sorry we had to bounce early. Yung gutom ko kasi di na talaga makatarungan. 😦 Next time, we’ll stay and hang out longer. 🙂

      And yes, never! They can “preach” all they want but we won’t be stopped. Aw, really???? Tangina, buti nalang when I kissed the girlfriend in front one of them, nobody actually rammed us. Pag nagkataon, nako gurl, lalabas ang pagkabeast mode ko. Lol. Yes, next year, we shall march together! 🙂



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