My Love Affair with Seattle Grace

It was a breezy, Saturday evening in Manila. I could still remember that night, albeit hazily. It was the summer here at the time and I just got back home from hanging out with my friends. I turned on the TV and went straight to channel 23 — then aptly named as Studio 23.

We didn’t have cable on the TV in our living room, then (only in my parents’ bedroom to avoid me having too much TV time), so I had no other choice but to stick to some local TV shows and Studio 23 — the only non-cable network at the time that offers foreign / American shows.

And then there it was: doctors everywhere.


Mind you, it wasn’t a love at first sight affair. I honestly was not prepared to give such an “adult-centric” show a go. I was merely 14 (turning 15) then and I was more fond of Lizzie McGuire, That’s So Raven, Even Stevens, Kim Possible, Drake & Josh — you know, basically all these Disney and Nickelodeon pre-teen shows.

But I was bored and needed something to do and the group of doctors seemed very interesting to me. So I gave it a shot.

Fortunately, I have managed to catch the first episode of the series so luck was definitely on my side.

It was a breezy, Saturday evening in Manila when Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Alex Karev, Izzy Stevens, and George O’Malley sucked me into their own little universe. Twelve years later, I’m still in it, and I feel like I’m actually now a part of it.

I started re-watching the series from season 1 a few months back, and now, I’m at season 6 (but I’m really just waiting for the 14th season) and all the feels are still there. I cry, I grieve, I hurt, I rejoice — all with them. Of course, a lot has happened and a lot has changed since that first day of these five doctors as interns at Seattle Grace Hospital. But no matter what happens, this blackhole that Shonda Rhimes put us all in is one that would certainly be hard to get out of.

This is Day 12 of my #30DaysOfWriting Challenge as I technically did just write this today. 


  1. I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy! I think mainly because my friends were all caught up in it and we would chat about the show the next day. Besides the drama, I also really like the music they used on the show. I lost interest around season 7 though. I cannot believe it’s still running!

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    1. I honestly do not want it to end. Hahaha. I know it got super tiring for some (or most) people but I just cannot see myself not being a part of their lives. I don’t know. I’ve invested too much. Hahaha


  2. I used to watch this show religiously before. But ever since Yang left, there’s this void I feel they can’t fill even with all the new characters. Plus maybe I just couldn’t get over Derek dying – their love story is one of a kind and my feeble heart can’t take that he just died after everything. 😦

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