Eating Hapon Food on a Windy Hapon @ the Happon Ramen House

Excuse me, I think I have ramen fever. Ever since our trip to Shizen a few weeks back, I’ve been constantly craving for ramen. It’s bad for the health but it’s so good for the tummy.

So when the opportunity to eat ramen knocked, of course, I couldn’t just let it pass. I initially wanted the bestfriend to give Shizen a try but due to circumstances, we ended up at another ramen place here in Marikina – Happon Ramen House.

Spicy Miso Chashumen (PHP188)
Spicy Miso Chashumen (PHP188)
Chicken Paitan Chashumen (PHP178)
Chicken Paitan Chashumen (PHP178)

I’m pretty psyched that Happon has more than one spicy variant on their menu. Because I’m a spicy-loving individual, I ordered the Spicy Miso Chashumen while the bestfriend got the Chicken Paitan Chashumen. We also ordered their 5-pc Gyoza and 5-pc Chicken Karaage.

In case you’re wondering:

MISO – miso-based soup (duh)
PAITAN – salt-based soup
RAMEN* – no egg; only has one piece of meat
CHASHUMEN – one egg; two pieces of meat
*we didn’t order this but you will see it on the menu, which I posted a photo of below.

Okay. Let me tell you right now, their Spicy Miso Chashumen is not for the faint of heart (I don’t think it’s the spiciest ever but it’s up there; possibly about 3.75 out of 5). Now I like spicy food and I actually prefer it on more than one occasion but damn this one was spicy on a level that I did not expect. In fact, I finished one tall glass of water before I was even halfway through the bowl.

Fortunately, it tasted good. The noodles were just the right amount and were cooked just right. The eggs were soft-boiled which I prefer and the chashu meat was soft and tasty.

Gyoza – 5pcs. (PHP78)
Gyoza – 5pcs. (PHP78)
Karaage – 5pcs. (PHP88)
Karaage – 5pcs. (PHP88)

The gyoza sadly lacked filling but they were, at least, seasoned very well so the taste made up for it. Plus, they’re seriously affordable so I’m not complaining.

Then there’s the chicken karaage which the bestfriend insisted I try. It wasn’t rubbery, it wasn’t bland; overall, it tasted good but I’m just personally not a big fan of chickens (except for spicy buffalo wings which I could eat all day) so it wasn’t all that for me.

Well, I’m happy that I finally got to try this place. The food tasted good and they’re all very affordable so two thumbs up for those. Also, the service was good; server was friendly and accommodating and we got our food fairly quickly. I can’t wait to take the girlfriend here.

11AM to 11PM on Fridays & Saturdays
11AM to 9PM on Sundays
70 Cepeda cor Col. Divino St. Concepcion Uno, Marikina City


    1. Aw. That’s too bad. But then again, you get to enjoy A LOT of amazing places down south which I’m envious of because the South is too far from me. Haha



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