The Philippines Would Probably Never Progress

Day 21/30 → I don’t want to say never. But it seems like the path that we’re on is leading to exactly that – we’re never going to progress as a country and we’ll probably never be a non-3rd world country.

Third world countries are often also referred to as developing countries, which I don’t agree we are. Developing countries, by definition, are countries that are agriculturally poor and are seeking to become more advanced economically and socially.

We need to up our economy, that’s for sure. But agriculturally and socially? We’re up there. We just don’t know how to properly use our resources. Plus, the one thing that irks me the most – Filipinos are a bunch of undisciplined idiots.

Hear me out here, folks.

  1. Filipinos can’t even follow simple traffic rules (both pedestrians and drivers alike).
Photo from Tansyong.

If you’re Filipino or have lived in Manila for at least 6 months, I don’t think I need to explain this bit. We all are a bunch of idiots who can’t even follow a simple cross the street using pedestrian lanes or load/unload on the designated areas rule.

I’m not one to say that I’ve never broken a traffic rule or two but hey, as much as I can, I follow them. I rarely cross the street when it’s not on a pedestrian lane because 1) if I got into an accident, I have every right to sue the motherfucker and 2) I’m not an idiot.

But a lot of people can’t be bothered. And this is especially true for many of our older citizens — which is entirely baffling on its own.

  1. Filipinos throw trash every-fucking­-where. (No, this shit is neither shallow nor is it a laughing matter.)

Oh I think all Filipinos are guilty of doing this at least once in their lives. It doesn’t matter how little or big the trash is – at the end of the day, they’re still trash.

I grew up in Marikina and we’re all probably aware of how serious Marikina is when it comes to cleanliness. This is the reason why I grew up with the practice of not throwing shit just anywhere. And honestly, save for cigarette butts when there aren’t any trash bins nearby, I don’t throw trash on the streets.

I can’t say the same for many of this country’s citizens, though. You see people throwing candy wrappers, plastic bags, even empty bottles and/or cardboard boxes wherever pleases them. And all they have to say for it is “well, many people are doing it, plus there are so many trash there already so what’s the harm in throwing a candy wrapper?” It’s such a dumbass practice.

  1. Filipinos have a habit of shoving down their beliefs down on people’s throats.
Photo from Asian Journal.

I hate this, I swear to the fucking heavens, I do. This country is filled with mostly hypocritical Catholics and Christians. And these people’s favorite pastime is shoving their beliefs on people and preaching the “word of god” as if they’re some sort of god-sent prophets down here on Earth (yet these same people can’t even follow said simple traffic rules, lol what a fucking joke).

I’m an agnostic infidel.  I’m not an atheist and I’m not a Satanist. I just don’t believe in the practice of religion because it’s bullshit, really. But these people…UGH, these people are so incredibly hypocritical and annoying that they only “follow” the Bible if it suits them personally. Otherwise, they fucking condemn you to hell as if they’re God and this is the last judgment.

Believe it or not, this actually affects progress. We have this so-called “separation of church and state” and yet a lot of our bills and laws are in favor of the church. This stops us from moving forward as a nation because we’re stuck in this bubble that should have been popped years ago.

Did you know that a lot of our law-makers (including people from the Department of Health — what a joke) are pushing to ban BIRTH CONTROL PILLS in the Philippines because they’re so against contraceptives? They’re so blinded by their belief that they didn’t even think about the fact the BCPs aren’t only used for the sole purpose of contraception — some people actually use these for health purposes. Like I said, idiots.

  1. Filipinos have a foot-in-mouth disease that’s neither cute nor funny.

We say what we want even when what we say are borderline insensitive and offensive. And then when we get called out for it, we say “why are you so fucking sensitive???” Uhm, newsflash, it’s not about people being overly sensitive, it’s about our sorry asses being such goddamn idiots.

We feel like what we’re doing are okay just because a lot of people are doing/saying it too. That’s fine if we’re not hurting anybody with our decisions and actions but if we are, let’s all think twice, why don’t we?

  1. Filipinos are happy people – and not in a good way.

This is another thing that seriously annoys me. Sure, being happy and positive is fine and dandy but when it comes to serious matters, we can’t find it within us to be serious. Just so you know, there are a lot of things that should not be laughed at.

Take typhoons and natural calamities for example. In spite of being gravely affected by these things and instead of working twice as hard to get back on our feet, what Filipinos do is laugh and smile. It’s fine if we do it as a front for cameras and the media but if we really feel absolutely okay despite the tragedy, then that hits the line.

We don’t feel the urgency to move and change our ways because we’re perfectly okay with being just that. We feel like having a positive outlook in life (and not to mention praying to god but not really doing any work) is already enough. Bullshit.

  1. Filipinos are a bunch of lazy-ass fuckers.

We are often referred to as Juan Tamad (loosely translated: John Lazy) and a lot of us are okay with that. I’m lazy myself, I’ll be honest, but when I need to hustle and work, I bust my ass to get the job done.

But most Filipinos are okay with where they are because of laziness. They don’t strive for more because they’re just too fucking lazy. This is not a trait to be celebrated, people. This is a fucked-up “culture” that we need to get rid of.

Group of People Waving Filipino Flags in Back Lit
Photo from Odyssey.

I could go on with a lot more but I’d rather not. There’s so much about Filipinos that are hindering us from progressing into a better nation. But we’re too much of everything – and not in a good way.

We are rich in a lot of things but we always fail to take advantage of our god-given resources because of reasons that are not supposed to be reasons in the first place.

We continue to yap about being a poor country. We continue to blame the government or other people but fail to look at ourselves. We continue to be who we are in spite of the many reasons why we should change.

We are biased supporters of people who are not helping us move forward. We are dependent and reliant on people of authority but can’t see that we need to be independent individuals first. We like comparing ourselves to other people, how they’re better and/or smarter, and then pull them down instead of pushing ourselves up.

We would never progress and we would probably always be a third world country if we don’t find it within us to stir away from our undisciplined idiocy.

Day 21 of my #30DaysOfWriting challenge.


  1. Well, I am Italian and my wife is Filipino. Italy is (supposed to be) a first-world country but we too don’t respect traffic rules and throw garbage everywhere. Honestly, each time I go back to the Philippines, I see some signs of progress like new infrastructures etc. But, true, the habits you mentioned have to go for the Philippines to grow faster



    I feel this specially when I come back after every foreign country trip. When I experienced other countries’ efficient mass transport, their clean streets, their willingness to follow the rules, i really wish that things could be the same back home. BUT WE CAN’T EVEN FUCKING “STAND ON THE RIGHT AND WALK ON THE LEFT,” EVEN WITH CHARTS AND GRAPHS IN FRONT OF US. Leche triggered ako besh!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Pakshet ka, bes. Tawang tawa ko sa comment mo! Hahahahahahaha. Pero yes, I will never understand the stupidity of most Filipinos. Then yung mga “may utak” at “nakakaintindi”, hanggang kuda lang sa Facebook pero di naman sinasabuhay. Mga leche. -_____- Ayan, na-trigger din tuloy ako. Hahahahaha

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Lintek besh what have you started? Hahaha!

        I got into an argument at the ever-peaceful FB comment section re: escalator etiquette. This guy kept saying that escalators are made to stand on, not to walk on. Ampota sayang utak. We will never progress because WE RESIST CHANGE. We have a very short-term view on things. We bash anything that rocks our boat. Pero ‘pag pinuna tayo, ang bibilis natin sumagot. Marami pa ‘kong rant but okay i’ll shut up now hahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahahaha not my fault, bes. QIQIL NA C AQUOOEE. So kelangan ko ng outlet para i-release ang gigil. Hahahaha.

        Oh my god, I cannot count how many times I had an argument with toxic people on comment sections of posts. Like, how can people be so daft as to not know simple etiquette??? But I’ve had more arguments with people who are so quick to victim blame people who have been harassed/raped. Kesyo dahil sa suot, blabla. Bullshit.

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      3. Naku madami nga yan sa comment section bes, mostly from guys who think girls always dress for them. We encourage rapists from such mentality.

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  3. I feel any population that’s overly religious or superstitious just isn’t going to progress beyond what some old book said thousands of years ago. Like, do they not realize things change from those ancient times? I also think people who place such importance on the afterlife don’t realize THIS current life matters a lot. They see this life as a means to an end. So that feeds into the “why bother” mentality.
    Do you think the apathy people feel is a result of a system that’s rigged against them? Ie government corruption and inequality / distribution of wealth?

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    1. Preach, girl!! When I tell some people what I think, they would brush me off and tell me that I’m too caught up in the liberated American/European world that I’m forgetting about the Filipino culture. Bullshit. What’s the point of this “culture” if it’s the one thing that’s holding us back?

      In the case of Filipinos, I don’t think so. We just have a bad habit of blaming people other than ourselves, which makes it easier for us to blame the government. Regardless of what kind of “world” (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) a certain country is, there would always be corruption and all that shit. But at the end of the day, it’s still up to the citizens to actually HELP better the country instead of putting all the weight (and in turn all the blame) on the government. They have their faults but what are they to do when even the masses can’t follow a simple traffic rule?


  4. I agree with most of this except for #5. There’s also some good in being a bunch of happy people. I like watching Kulas’ (Becoming Filipino) videos on Youtube and you can really see a different kind of happy there. Happiness spreads a positive vibe even if there are so much to be unhappy about. They get strength from their happiness.

    Another thing I would like to add on this list is our lawmakers/government workers/abusive people in public offices. Corruption is a very big problem we have! We pay so much taxes but a lot of it goes into people’s pockets. -_-

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    1. Oh no. I’m all for being happy and positive. That’s actually one of the good things about Filipinos, too. I just meant that we are ALWAYS so happy even when we need to be serious.

      Say for example, may bagyo. Maraming nasalanta. And yung mga people na naapektuhan are actually still happy and laughing. I know they’re trying to be positive but because they’re TOO happy and positive, wala nang nagagawang aksyon. Instead of thinking of ways para hindi maging ganun kalala ang effect (in the case of floods), these people either blame the government or just shrug it off and laugh at the whole thing.

      There’s no sense of urgency because Filipinos often think that if we choose to be happy and look at the positive side of things, nothing will hurt as much. But the thing is, we need the pain and we need to feel hurt so that we can learn. Pero wala e. 😦

      I wanted to add things about the government but I want to point out the attitude of regular citizens. Because as much as I would like to put all the blame on our officials, everything’s not all their fault. We need to look at ourselves first. Simpleng bagay/patakaran di natin masundan, then how do we expect us, as a nation, progress? Pero of course, I’m not /not/ putting blame on our fucked up government. Marami silang mga problema sa buhay talaga. Nakakayamot.

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      1. In that sense, you’re right. But I guess a better word for that would be our complacency? Sometimes we become too complacent and just accept things as they are instead of trying to improve our situations. What do you think?

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      2. Based on what I said, yes, I think complacent would be the right term. Tapos naalala ko why I initially thought of “happy Filipinos” being a negative thing. The one that I said plus the fact that we are always happily joking around. Even rape and kamanyakan is a joke to us. “Think positive lang, joke lang naman yun e.” or “Wag mo masyado seryosohin, tawanan mo nalang.”

        -______- Pero yun nga, I think yes, complacent would be a better term.

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