On Entitled Motherfuckers & The Stupid Mentality of Filipinos

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I don’t hate Filipinos and I’m not being unpatriotic. But I have a grave disliking for our race. Our “culture and traditions” are so beyond baffling that the mere thought that these things exist makes me want to fucking bang my head on a wall.

What more if you actually experience the hideousness and ridiculousness of it all, right?

Day 22/30 → I tried writing about this experience. I want to let it be known that there are people who are not okay with this shit and that people who are okay with this should not be.

But I’ve probably typed and backspaced one too many times and the head is just all too cluttered to form any coherent thought about this matter right now. I’ll talk about this at a later date.

But for now, here’s what I’ll say:


Doctors here in the Philippines are too fucking entitled, their licenses should be revoked. They feel like whatever they do, people will give excuses for them or pardon them because they’re doctors and of course, we need them.

I cannot just shut up about how fucking ridiculous that is but apparently, that’s how it goes in this country. People who have some sort of authority—doctors, police officers, government officials and workers, even traffic enforcers—have to be forgiven or excused for whatever shitty thing they do because of what again? And all this regardless of the fact that we’re technically paying them and they would be out of jobs if it weren’t for us, “regular” citizens.

Day 23/30 → I still can’t get over the absurdity of how things “work” here in this country. I swear to god, I cannot. When I posted about my experience at the hospital yesterday on my Facebook account, some people were quick to defend the 45-minute tardiness of the doctor.

Seriously, in other countries, doctors could get sued for being late. They hold lives of other people so time should be of grave importance to them. They took an oath and all that.

But obviously, these people clearly don’t give a damn or just don’t see the point (or lack thereof) of the whole situation and why it got me so aggravated. This once again proved to me that we really are a nation of seriously undisciplined idiots.

Given the chance and the opportunity, I’m fucking leaving this sorry-ass country.

Day 24/30 → Nadine Lustre (a local celebrity) is all over social media lately and not for good reasons. I don’t understand the hate. I don’t understand why people (not just Filipinos; but our race is especially annoying because a lot of us pretend to be “religious” and high and mighty but has really problematic attitudes) have so much hate in their bones.

I’m sipping my 2nd cup of coffee for the day and thinking about what skincare product to purchase next. Bless my wallet.


  1. As much as I love where I came from, mahirap pa rin sa’king umuwi; di dahil sa mahal ang pamasahe, pero dahil sa culture where I was often misunderstood. I miss it and don’t miss it at the same time. I definitely understand where these sentiments are coming from.


  2. Sadly, being a highly educated professional serves as an entitlement for certain people. I remember my aunt told me how people in the charity ward are poorly treated by the same doctors and nurses who will politely greet people along the hospital lobby (if they’re obviously not a charity ward patient).

    But I also heard of a different story from a Korean friend. According to her, doctors here are more considerate of the patient’s situation compared to Korean doctors (who she describes as “puro mukhang pera”). But then, her family is rich, which might also explain why doctors are nice to them.


    1. I’ve had it both ways. I’ve experienced the “kindness” of doctors when we still had money so everyone was obviously quick to assist and attend to my every need. But when I became an adult and started fending for myself, not only was I no longer rich, I also had HMO provided by work which means they get no (quick) money from me.

      I can immediately tell the difference between two situations and it’s terribly horrifying.


  3. Tini-trigger mo na naman c aqoe, besh!! Why is that!! Hahaha.

    Kidding aside tho, I so agree with your sentiments, especially the part about leaving this country — even revoking my citizenship, if given the chance. I hate our culture of “passive-ism” — the very thing that breeds the mentality of “okay lang kung late si doc; okay lang kung bastos yung pulis; okay lang kung puro chismis ‘tong gov’t official kahit oras ng trabaho.” We never speak up, we don’t call them out, we let a lot of effin’ things slide because “it’s our culture.” A sorry excuse, but something that’s way too ingrained in our society. Pathetic, no?

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