Giving Masks Another Try with the Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack

The thing is, face masks never truly appealed to me. I think they’re man-made, gimmicky things that people don’t really need in their essential kits. Despite this mindset though, I have tried a few (and by that, I mean about 5) in the seven years that I have been living inside this makeup and beauty bubble.

I can’t say I was impressed and wowed by them which is why the last time (before last weekend) that I put a mask on my face (sheet mask, if you’re wondering) was back in early 2016. Before that was years prior (around 2014) with a Nature Republic Charcoal Peel Off Maskone that I commend for removing about 90% of my blackheads and whiteheads but one that also, unfortunately, hurt like motherfucking hell.

And then the first mask that I’ve ever tried was years prior to the charcoal one and it’s a tub of the Lush Mask of Magnaminty that I purchased and consumed back in 2012.

But since 2017 is my self-proclaimed skincare year, I made it a point to venture into face masks again and see what the fuss about these creations are all about. After all, they exist for a reason (hopefully, good ones), right?

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Jeju Bija & Tea Tree 1
Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Jeju Bija & Tea Tree

I didn’t actually do any research on this matter so I wasn’t sure about which or what type of mask I should be getting or trying out first. But I have heard and read many rave reviews of the Korean brand Innisfree. So while I was checking out their products on Althea, I saw these Capsule Recipe Packs wash off masks and I thought they looked cute and seemed promising.

So when I made my second Althea Korea purchase 2 weeks ago, I made sure to include the two variants that I really wanted to try out. The other one being what I have here and what the girlfriend and I tried last weekend.

“Relieve skin redness and irritations like acne while replenishing moisture from within.”

Althea Korea

Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Jeju Bija & Tea Tree 3
What’s left after 2 uses. It wasn’t 100%, filled to the rim so trust me, there’s still a lot left here.

Since it’s that time of the month and I have a few breakouts because of hormones gone crazy, I thought that it’d be the best time to test this out and see if it actually does anything to my zits and the redness that comes along with them.

Masks on with the girlfriend.

First thing that I noticed is the seriously foul odor of this. I can’t explain what it smells like exactly (maybe rotten fruit?) but it really just smells bad. It could just be the tea tree in this, which I’ve always hated the scent of, but it’s still, UGH. And oh, the shitty scent lingers even after you’ve already washed the product off your face! I swear, it’s so vomit-inducing and such a fucking turn off.

Fortunately, this mask as a whole (minus the smell—I can’t seem to emphasize this enough) is actually great.

  • It’s very easy to spread.
  • It doesn’t dry to the point where you feel like it, along with your face, is going to crack.
  • It’s easy to wash off. It truly is moisturizing and my face felt absolutely soft and smooth after.
  • And the best part: when I woke up the next day (cause I included this in my before-I-go-to-bed routine), I noticed that the pimples that I have at the time flattened. Not into oblivion but the fact that they almost disappeared is already pretty impressive in my book.
Innisfree Capsule Recipe Pack in Jeju Bija & Tea Tree 2

Thank god that my first attempt at trying masks again was a definite success! If it wasn’t for the foul odor, I would be head over heels for this product. But for someone with seriously sensitive sinuses, there are cases when how a product smells like can make or break the deal for me.

But with this baby, I would gladly forego the negative feelings that I have for the scent since it actually works! Not to mention the fact that it’s very practical as this tiny tub contains 10ml of product which is already good for approximately 4-5 uses and yet it’s super affordable!

Althea Korea for PHP110 (regular price).

For new customers, you may register and purchase through
this link to get a discount.
*Note: I will be getting discount points if you purchase through my link.


    1. The packaging is super cute. But then again, that’s true for a lot of Korean products 🙂 And yes. Good thing the smell didn’t break the deal for me. :p



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