Fresh ~Feels~ with the Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream

You’ve probably read the 2-year-relationship that came to a bitter end. You’ve also probably read the three-night stand that resulted to a horrifying break(out). So of course, the wariness that I felt when I entered this new relationship is utterly justified.

For someone with a combination of extremely oily skin and dry/flaky patches, not to mention sensitive and acne-prone, it’s insanely hard to find a moisturizer that does the job.

About two months ago, I was checking out Althea Korea’s website for a moisturizer. Because the one that I got weeks prior was a complete disappointment, I was in desperate need for a new one.

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The Nature Republic Super Aqua Max Cream called my attention because of 1) the packaging and 2) the fact that it offers 3 variants for 3 different skin types. I was initially torn between the Combination Watery Cream (for combination skin) and Fresh Watery Cream (for oily skin) but ended up getting the latter because I was more on the oily skin type than combination given the summer heat at the time.

The first thing that I noticed is the fragrance, which according to some reviews, is a little strong. Thankfully, my sensitive sinuses didn’t find that to be the case (YAS!) so it wasn’t a deal breaker. The scent doesn’t linger for more than 5 seconds which I truly appreciate.

The product itself wasn’t a “cream” but more of a gel substance that reminded me a lot of an old favorite—Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream (one that was super amazing but sadly broke me out terribly).

A little goes a long way with this as about a pea-size is enough for my entire face and neck. I do add a little bit more whenever my skin is feeling extra dry and dehydrated and is in dire need of some TLC.

It dries fairly quickly and to a matte finish which is perfect for my oily skin. I honestly didn’t think that there are moisturizers that dry matte, but hey, the more you know. It doesn’t take more than 10 minutes for the product to be completely absorbed by my skin so this is definitely perfect for those on-the-go people (like myself who’s almost always running late, LOL) who can’t be bothered to sit around for half an hour waiting for the product to sink into their skins.

The best thing about this is the fact that it did not break me out and I’ve noticed significantly lesser oil production ever since I started applying this. I have been using it for 2 months—every single day—and the sensitive and acne-prone skin did not react negatively to it at all which makes me extremely happy!

It looks nice, it feels nice on the skin, it actually works and does the job, plus it’s affordable. Who can say no to all those?

Althea Korea for PHP600 (regular price). For new/first-time customers, you may purchase through THIS LINK* to get a discount on your total.

*This post contains a referral link which means that I will be getting discount points which I can use for future purchase on Althea if you buy using the link that I provided.


    1. I think it is perfect for those hotter days! You should check it out. Nature Republic’s a pretty big Korean brand so it might not be that hard to find one…somewhere. Haha


  1. Goodness. I am reading this and looking at your photos and it’s so funny, because my skin is feeling so crispy dry, I would kill for a little bit of this cooling gel on my skin just about now! 🤣💜



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