Battle of the Local Liquid Lipsticks: Careline vs. Ever Bilena

I’m seriously not the biggest fan of local brands. But then recently, they are upping their game and releasing more and more promising products that I felt the need to give them another chance. Their foundation, powder, and concealer shade selection could still use a lot of work, but at least their color products are a whole lot better.

So here we are with two liquid lipsticks that I bought just last week: Careline Matte Liquid Lipstick in Brick’d and Ever Bilena Matte Liquid Lipstick in Toast of New York.

Y’all know how much I love matte lipsticks (and liquid lipsticks as an extension) so I couldn’t just let these products pass. The glowing reviews (on Instagram) and the impressive shade selection also pushed me into really giving them a try.

These pretty much look the same.

Round One: Packaging & Price

Since they’re both local brands, the prices are pretty much neck and neck with Ever Bilena at PHP185 and Careline at PHP195.

The packaging of both is also fairly similar, but the Careline one reminded me of ColourPop’s liquid lipsticks and Ever Bilena of Ofra’s.

They’re both okay; nothing notable with either of them.

Typo: it’s actually Brick’d, not Brink’d. LOL

Round Two: Pigmentation & Application

They’re not the most pigmented and opaque liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried, but for their price, I’m impressed.

However, application for both was a bit of an issue for me. They’re patchy so you have to really layer them to get full coverage on the lips. And you have to be very careful with the layering as you’ll end up with some bald spots if you go over parts that haven’t dried up yet.

Good thing is they don’t feel thick or heavy and they don’t chap even after multiple coats.

Round Three: Longevity

The longevity itself is okay—especially considering the price.

But the problem is with how they feel the longer you have them on your lips: not good and not comfortable. When they get in contact with water or any liquid beverage, they automatically become insanely tacky as fuck, you feel like you’re wearing lip gloss and not a matte liquid lipstick.

Look: the stickiness of both on my lips. First video: Toast of New York; second: Brick’d.

And I absolutely hate lip glosses because I hate that sticky, wet feeling that they give off. And these liquid lipsticks are giving me exactly that.

Long-wearing? Uhm, okay, maybe, but as with most lip products, oil does break them down so be careful when you eat oily foods. It’s really the tackiness, though, that I just cannot handle.

Overall, they pretty much performed the same way. But if I were to choose, I’d say Careline did a better job. I’m giving both lines/brands another shot and will be purchasing other shades to see if they will be any better than what I have here.

Local department stores nationwide. Careline for PHP195 and Ever Bilena for PHP185.


  1. I honestly think that when it comes to Ever Bilena and Careline products that it’s a hit and miss for me. I bought the shades you tried and I was not too impressed with it. The Careline lipstick was too dry for my lips even if I moisturised it. The toast of new york shade I think was a bit overhyped but it didn’t really suit me. Anyway, I really liked your review👍


    1. Ugh, tell me about it! Buhaghag pa man din buhok ko (the mother likes to refer to me as bruha, lol) so just imagine the horror of dealing with multiple stray hairs on my lips. LOL



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