How to Really Know Someone, Vol. 4

Work has been killing me for the past week and a half and I’ve been spending most of my free time watching YouTube videos and looking through Pinterest photos of bullet journals. Then last weekend, I decided to go back to watching Game of Thrones (I stopped at Season 4 Episode 3) and dragged the girlfriend into the blackhole and now she can’t stop watching. *insert evil laugh here*

So since I haven’t taken photos for the blog just yet, I’ll answer the next seven then of this tag and then I’m off to get myself a burger.

22. Do you trust anyone to protect you? Who and why?
Trust and expect are two different things. So I suppose I trust my partner to protect me. But to answer this question realistically, then I would say no, I don’t trust anyone. Me, myself, and I is all I got. I’m not trying to be a loner or trying to be proud or anything like that. I’m just the kind of person who dislikes depending on anyone.

23. What is your favorite kind of flower and why?
I would have to say roses—the blue ones. They’re rare, they’re thorny, and they’re wild, but still incredibly beautiful. And that’s exactly what I think of myself. (I have too much self-confidence, I don’t even know where the hell it’s coming from.)

24. What do you think about the death penalty?
I’m against it but only because I want these assholes to suffer. Dying is the easy way out and it’s basically like giving them a free pass. I NEED THEM TO CRY BLOOD AND CHOKE ON THEIR OWN INTERNAL ORGANS!

25. What is your ideal day?
Picture this: gloomy weather, you in bed with nothing but your underwear, with a hot coffee (or hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows if that’s what you prefer), reading a good book or watching a movie, and cuddling with your partner or your pet or your pillow/stuffed toy. PERFECT, EH?

26. How thin/fat, small/large, tall/short are you compared to your peers?
First of all, I’m not condoning any form of body shaming. We’re all beautiful in our own rights. That said, I’m on the thinner, smaller (weight-wise), and taller side of the spectrum.

27. If you were a book, what would it be?
The Perks of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I see a great deal of myself in Charlie (please refer to the book, not the movie).

28. Have you ever seen a dead person before? How did you feel about it?
I’m assuming that we’re not talking about ghosts but an actual dead person. And if so, then yes, I have. It was my Dad so I suppose you already know how I felt about that.

Alright, let’s stop this right now as I can actually, literally, already hear my stomach growling. If this shit could talk, I’d have probably been bombarded with curses already.


  1. LOL your reason for not wanting the death penalty is pretty brutal. Mine is similar for those who are GUILTY. I also like that we don’t kill people who might possibly be innocent.

    I hope work is less crazy for you soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course they have to be proven guilty first. Then after that, the torture must begin! Hahaha

      I hope so too. I’m dying over here. 😥


  2. Same. I also don’t like being dependent on anyone. I mean, I appreciate them being there. I really do. But it’s really hard if you get dependent on someone because there will always be the idea that they might leave.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Ang hirap kasi e. What if you’ve become so dependent on that person and the s/he leaves? Pano na, diba? So I’d rather depend on the one person that I know wouldn’t leave me — myself. :p



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