Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

Okay, excuse me, life but I can only take as much.

Work has been a bitch for the past few weeks. And then last week, I came down with a flu that made me miss work for a few days. Now I’m back in the confines of this office building (bittersweet, really) and the feeling of being extremely overwhelmed is also back.

I’ve been pretty busy, catching up on Game of Thrones (I stopped years ago after *spoiler alert* Joffrey died but now I’m down to the 2 latest episodes) and I also started bullet journaling again so I’m spending a load of my free time on that, too (check out my instagram and maybe follow me as well for journal photos—@biktoryaa #shamelessplug).

I’m also thinking about getting back to reading as I still have a few more months to complete my reading challenge of 40 books for this year. Hopefully, I can manage before 2017 ends.

So with all that going on, this blog has been put on the back seat for a bit. I’m still thinking about new posts and I’m constantly “writing down” drafts in my head so I won’t be completely abandoning this place, of course.

I also already wrote a handful of drafts and I just need to actually take photos for those and they’re good to go.

Life hasn’t been grand lately and the gloomy, rainy weather isn’t at all helping with the grey clouds already on top of my head, but we all keep moving.


  1. Same, Ate. I haven’t read a book lately hindi ko alam kung bakit wala akong motivation magbasa. Hindi na nga ako nagbubukas minsan ng Goodreads kasi nakikita ko lang ‘yung Reading Challenge na icon tapos nakalagay chenelin books behind schedule. Kaloka!

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  2. I haven’t finished a single season of GoT. Hahaha. I’m still on book 2 soooo, the series would have probably ended before I’ll start watching it. I have this self imposed rule of reading all the available books first before watching the series.

    Good luck on your reading challenge. 12 lang sakin para realistic, chos. I read a hundred books last year, kaya pahinga muna ko this year.

    Get well, V!

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    1. I don’t even want to start on the book, I might end up having mixed feelings on the whole damn series. Hahaha. And it’s not my cup of tea when it comes to novels so nope. Lol.

      Hahaha. I finished 50 last year but I trimmed it down to 40 this year. Mukang di pa rin realistic sakin. Lol. And omg sa 100, amazing! Any favorites?

      Thanks, A 🙂


      1. Wait, babasahin ko yang post mo later. 🙂 And omg sa 250! Hahaha. Can we have like a meetup where we just read and talk about blogging and drink coffee? Hahaha

        I prefer crime/mystery and mga YA. Plus Haruki Murakami which is an entirely different genre on its own. 😀


      2. Ang tagal ko ng gustong magbasa ng Haruki Murakami but every time na uumpisahan ko, laging hindi ko natutuloy. Same with Neil Geiman. Buti nga si George R.R. Martin naumpisahan ko na.

        I’m spreading out from reading comfort zones since last year. I have a few crime/mystery na gusto kong basahin but dunno if I’ll get to it this year. Nakakapagod magbasa ng GoT.

        Sure, set natin when? Hanapin kita sa FB Group. 😉


      3. For Haruki, start with Norwegian Wood. It’s such a good read! Neil Gaiman gusto ko rin pero wala pa ko mahanap na babasahin kong una. Hahaha.

        Di ko talaga maatim basahin ang GoT, same with Harry Potter. I dunno why. Haha

        Aw what FB group?? Hahaha #walangalam. This October!! Maghanap tayo ng mga g sa books, coffee, planners/journals. Tas random conversations. 😂😅


  3. Sorry to hear you were sick and things are still crazy at work! I’m sure stress doesn’t help your immune system.
    I often start a new post in draft form and just save some notes – I can always come back to it to expand to a full post later and I haven’t lost anything rattling in my head!

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    1. Tell me about it! The weather plus the stress makes for a good flu recipe 😦

      I usually just jumble down stuff on my journal and then get on to actually writing a draft once I’m in front of a computer. Lately, though, there’s a huge writer’s block hovering over my being. 😦



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