The World of Game of Thrones

I still remember that day when I was first introduced to the wonderful world Game of Thrones. It was at our group chat at work and the boys kept mentioning names like Tyrion, Cersei, Tywin, and Sansa and this piqued my interest.

They were such weird names that the curiosity really got the best of me. The question: “what are you fuckers talking about?” The answer: “Game of Thrones!”

And there it is. The rest is, as they say, history.

They’re all basically fighting for this: the Iron Throne.

The weekend after, I decided to watch. It was easy to catch up as the second season was just almost done at the time so I had no hard time watching the series from season 1.

Now, we’re at the 7th season, and sadly for me, I stopped watching years ago mid season 4 when… *spoiler alert* Joffrey died. Not that I was devastated by his death because I’ve wanted that bastard dead for a really long time but it was, well, the way he died was just seriously lame and meh and it got me bored.

I would have preferred his death to be something as unforeseen and as exciting as the Starks’s death. Now that I would have loved to see and it would have pumped my blood so hard and I would have never stopped watching.

The cast at the Emmy’s.

Years later, I finally got over the boredom that I had for the show and decided to continue watching where I left off. And now, I have finally caught up and just like the rest of the world, just waiting for Season 8 (which is rumored to be released in 2019—god no!).

This show deserves everything and more. It deserves all the awards. It deserves the trend. It deserves the attention.

I was unsure at first because I was never into the medieval setup of anything but well, I’m glad I gave it a shot on that fateful weekend because it’s definitely worth a watch. It’s definitely worth the time. It’s definitely worth the tears.

My favorite cast members in one photo. (Insert: Tyrion aka Peter Dinklage).

I even managed to drag the girlfriend into the blackhole and now we’re both just waiting for the next season.

If you haven’t, definitely give this show a shot. There’s a story of death, betrayal, revenge, love, family, everything—everything’s in here all rolled into one amazing plot and wonderful cast of characters!


  1. Pinanuod ko muna until mga season 4 yung series before reading the books…but after reading the books, I never watched another episode. The books are way better!!! I’m not discrediting the crew, actors, etc I’m just saying the books are on a different level. I hope you read it too!

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  2. An ex dragged me into this black hole! He also lent me the first book and ‘ayun na nga po, nasira na ang buhay ko hahaha.

    I haven’t watched the latest season yet — is it really that good? Would you say it’s the best season so far?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The best season for me is still the 3rd season but season 7 did answer a lot of my looming questions so I’d say it’s good.

      Hahaha siraan nga ng buhay ‘to. Sana mabasa ko rin yung books soon.

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