A Look Back at the NARS Audacious Lipstick in Sandra

Back when the rest of the makeup world was celebrating #NationalLipstickDay and shopping their hearts and wallets off, I shopped my own stash and used some of the lip products that I haven’t touched in a while.

One of the 5 lipsticks that I wore again after a while was this shade Sandra (rose brown) from the NARS Audacious Lipstick line.

I haven’t been into dark lipsticks lately (y’all already know that) so I wasn’t reaching for this more often than I should. Plus, there’s the fact that I didn’t want to get to the point where the engraved “NARS” on the lipstick itself would be gone because of usage (lol, I know).


But I knew that I can’t put off not using this any longer. Besides, this lipstick has an impeccable formula and an amazing color that not using it would be like a crime against the makeup gods.

Back in 2014, I wrote that this tugged my lips, was a little patchy (it’s the bearable kind of patchiness), doesn’t bleed which is great as many dark/darker lipsticks do that, lasts for hours, and has great packaging.

This was said to have a satin finish but on me, it’s more semi-matte which can be blotted down to a more matte finish which I much prefer.

It’s amazing how even after all these years, the performance still hasn’t died down and it’s still the same lipstick that I grew to really love back then. Also, it hasn’t expired yet (formula has not changed at all and I’ll be posting about makeup expirations in detail soon) so for those who were planning on lecturing me about that, don’t. 😀


Contrary to popular belief, lipsticks don’t really expire in just a year—especially when they’re stored properly. If you store your lipsticks in a hot place or under direct heat, they will definitely expire sooner. But I take care of my babies so you can be rest assured that this has not expired just yet.

That said, I’m still a big fan of this NARS Audacious Lipstick and I will make it a point to get my hands on more, especially now that they’ve released more shades (sadly, all limited edition) Fall Collection.

Rustan’s Department Store for PHP1,650 each.

On another note, how incredibly quick has this year gone by??? I cannot believe that it’s already the 1st of November (from my side of the world, at least) and before we know it, we’ll be at the beginning of another year again.

But first, I have my birthday and Christmas (I absolutely love the holiday season what with all the gifts and Christmas bonuses to look forward to) to be excited about and they’re both just right around the corner.


    1. Aw really??? Buti yung akin buhay pa. -___- Same consistency and all.

      And me too, what with all the inconsistent formulas brands are coming out with.


      1. Hala, ang dami ko pa naman nude shades na bet bilhin. 😦 That sucks. Huhuhu. Hmm, melt mo kaya then put them in a palette?


      2. Parang pink siya sa swatches online? Shet, peach is orange-y di ba? Or have I been wrong this whole time? Hahahaha



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