A Look Back at One of My Favorite Brushes

Beauty Cosmetics is one of those local brands that got its start and popularity on social media—Facebook and Instagram. It has become really successful and earned a lot of glowing reviews from beauty experts and enthusiasts alike. So you know I’m all for trying out at least one of the products that they offer.

But I’m not really that into brushes so back in 2014, I got just this (and another brush—but for the eyes) at some bazaar that I now can no longer remember.


I’ve had my eye on this Beauty Cosmetics Expert Face Brush for a while and thought that it would be a dupe to the more mainstream Real Techniques Expert Face Brush that many makeup junkies love for foundation application. Since I still don’t have the RT one, I can’t really do a comparison.

Then again, I don’t use this brush for foundation but prefer to use it for setting powders. Its synthetic bristles are very compact and dense which makes it perfect for setting my makeup with. A lot of people, though, prefer fluffier brushes for this job but hey, to each his own.

I used this for foundation once, a long time ago, and I remember not liking it because it’s just so fucking compact, it makes it damn hard to blend foundation around. I also don’t use this for blushes and contouring (when I used to do that shit on the daily) for the same reason.


But I’m glad I still found the perfect way to use this!

And now, 3 years after purchase, it’s still in great condition so you know the quality’s good! There’s not a lot of shedding and it still looks and feels basically the same as how it did back in 2014 when I got it.

For PHP200 (not sure how much this costs now, or if it’s even available still), you’re definitely getting more than your money’s worth. I should probably look into Beauty Cosmetics more because I need a new flat brush and round top brush.


  1. I definitely got RT Expert Face Brush vibes when I saw the pictures! I’m not a huge fan of that brush as like you said, it’s so dense. But I do find that it works better with certain foundations/consistencies. And depending on which foundation you use, it can sometimes leave brush marks and not apply so well around/on the nose. Having said that, I always think you have to explore the brushes’ potential. It’s not always best used like how they advise. 😛

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    1. I still haven’t seen the RT Expert Face Brush in person so I can’t tell how similar they are in terms of function and density and such, however, this does give out the same vibe. And yes, definitely not meant for foundations or any liquid products for that matter. I’m just glad that I still found a use for this!



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