Steal Some Heavenly Burgers at 8Cuts Burger Blends

I love burgers. I could probably eat burgers all day and all night long. However, I’m very picky with the burgers that I eat. The ones from fast food joints are fine but they’re not burgers that I would crave for on a regular basis—and I crave for burgers a lot.

On a fateful afternoon about 4 years ago, I got to try 8Cuts Burger Blends. It was honestly the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know that’s a stretch given that we’re talking about burgers for crying out loud, but man do these burgers taste like a piece of heaven!

During the weekend, I took the girlfriend to the 8Cuts branch at Megamall because she’s as much of a burger-lover as I am. And since I’ve been yapping about their burgers and how good they are for months, I thought it was just fair for me to take her out on a date here.

One thing that I’ll say about 8Cuts is that it’s not a cheap restaurant. For burgers, they’re definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum. However, one thing has changed since my last visit and that is now they have “Daily Steals” which makes them a more affordable place to dine at.

Based on my Google research, this was just launched early this year and was initially meant for the weekdays, between 10AM and 5PM but we dined in on a Saturday and was informed that this was now changed to an everyday deal—GREAT!

Above are the 6 Daily Steals that they currently have available and below are the inclusions for each Daily Steal (Photos from 8Cuts Burgers Facebook Page):

Daily Steal No. 1 – 1/4-pound Cheeseburger with Skinny Fries or Onion Rings
Daily Steal No. 2 – ‘Wich (Fishy, Chick or Falafel) with Skinny Fries or Onion Rings
Daily Steal No. 3 – Piggy with Skinny Fries or Onion Rings
Daily Steal No. 4 – Cheeseburger Slider, Chopped Chicken and Chips Salad with 2 pieces Chicken Littles
Daily Steal No. 5 – Cheeseburger Slider, Golden Mozza Nuggets and Party Spaghetti
Daily Steal No. 6 – Cheeseburger Slider, 2 pieces Chicken Littles, Party Spaghetti with Skinny Fries or Onion Rings

We both ordered the Daily Steal No. 1 but as a side, she got the skinny fries and I got the onion rings. Also, all steals have a glass of iced tea included so you’re definitely getting a full meal here!

Daily Steal No. 1: 1/4 Cheeseburger, Skinny Fries, and Iced Tea
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Daily Steal No. 1: 1/4 Cheeseburger, Onion Rings, and Iced Tea

The burgers were the same burgers that I absolutely know and love. The sauce was amazingly scrumptious and the beef patty is thick and juicy and they weren’t stingy on the cheese (unlike some burgers that I’ve tried before).

But the star of our meal was the fucking onion rings, man! Okay, I don’t like onion rings, to be honest. And the only reason why I got the onion rings in the first place is because I don’t want us to have the same exact meal. But boy was I glad that I did!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Skinny Fries
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Onion Rings – Pieces of Heaven!!!

I have tried onion rings before but none of them tasted even remotely close to these babies! And I think the trick is that they sprinkled some barbecue powder on this which was just, ugh, GENIUS—seriously!

My only concern is how bland the Skinny Fries were which was too bad. Had the fries been sprinkled with some barbecue powder too, it would have been awesome! But well, at least now we know to order Onion Rings instead.

Now I have two reasons to keep coming back to 8cuts: burgers and onion rings! I can’t wait to get my hands on those rings of delicious goodness again.

Business hours depend on the location
For a complete list of their branches, check out the 8Cuts Facebook Page
For more information and the rest of their menu, check out their Zomato Page.


  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE 8CUTS BURGER!!! I haven’t been to a lot of burger places, but if I’m going to rank the ones I’ve been to, 8CUTS is at the top of my list. And yeah, their onion rings are the bomb. Mej pricey lang talaga huhuhu.

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