What A Christmas Season This Was (or still is)

I love the feeling of Christmas — or dare I say, loved. I used to be super excited around the ber months because I know that means that the biggest holiday season of the year is just around the corner. I used to love the smell of Christmas, the feel of Christmas, and basically everything about Christmas.

But as I got older, my love for this season dwindled bit by bit. And eventually, it just died a slow death.

It’s not even about no longer being a kid and instead being the person that’s giving the presents to the youngsters. Because trust me, I still do get tons of gifts even if I’m pushing 30 in just a couple of years (oh the thought is horrific). Oh hell, I still actually get monetary presents (or in the Filipino terminology, what we call, aguinaldo) even if my ass is already a capable, working adult.

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 9.40.30 AM

Yesterday, I tried watching Christmas movies to get me into the holiday spirit. But it didn’t help — not even by a bit.

I was browsing my Facebook feed and all I could see were family photos of friends wishing everyone a happy holiday or a merry Christmas and all I could think about was “shit, Imma be back at work in just 2 days and I’m not ready for that kind of stress in my life”.

Oh, I don’t know.

This Christmas season was just lonely and disappointing. My only consolation was the fact that my girlfriend was here to “celebrate” the holidays with me. Otherwise, I would have been completely alone.

It surely is the most wonderful time of the year, ain’t it?


  1. I didn’t really get into the “spirit” of Christmas this year either. It’s gotten really routine now. Year after year, it’s the same thing. I don’t want to be jaded but the holidays are really for little kids… when everything is new and novel. For the rest of us, it’s just over indulgence and extra expenses for no good reason.

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    1. Something’s up this year. I’ve always been a fan of the holidays because, well, I just find it refreshing in a way. It’s just this year was terribly different for some reason.

      But I have to agree, the extra expenses were what probably fucked me up this year. Jesus I’m so broke -.- Lol


  2. I’m reading a lot of sad Christmases from my blogger friends. Like you, I don’t like Christmas. It’s a painful reminder that my dad has passed and I won’t ever get to have another Christmas with him. I am legitimately hoping that the time comes (for you, for me, and for all my blogger friends out there) when we would look forward to Christmas again. 🙂

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    1. I actually love the holiday season — especially Christmas! I just don’t know what’s up with this year and why I suddenly don’t feel the “spirit” of it. 😦 Aww, I know what you feel. My dad passed 6 years ago and it’s still sad. But as unusual as this may sound, we rarely spend Christmas together as a family so ayun, I just don’t feel the holidays this year.

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  3. When you’re a kid, you feel excited for Christmas with the thought of receiving a lot of gifts. Whether it’s money or any other physical gift, you won’t end the day empty-handed.

    When you start working, however, Christmas is a holiday that’s feared – with the reality of your 13th month pay turning into vaporware because of all the presents you need to buy.

    (Not to mention entertaining nosy relatives and abusive people who have the gall to demand gifts when they don’t even show up on your radar for the other 364 days.)

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    1. For me, it was never about the presents. Sure it’s nice to receive all these things (especially the moolah) but up until now, I still do receive them so it was never about that. I just used to really love the season and the feel of it regardless of whether or not I actually receive anything.

      But this year was just different and IDK what happened.

      However, ditto on the 13th month part (tangina, wala pang 10 seconds, wala na siya sa palad ko) and the annoying relatives. Not to mention the annoying “kumares” and “kumpares” who just like contacting you this time of the year.

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      1. I understand where you’re coming from. Maybe it’s just that adulthood has jaded us too much? (On second thought, reading this post of yours gave me an idea – what if I give my family a staycation package at a local hotel for Christmas 2018?)

        Good thing I’m not the only one annoyed with those types of people who only emerge at Christmas, but remain absent for the rest of the year.

        Reminds me of a person who only visited our house every December 25 just to ask for gifts. “Eat and run,” as they say. Apparently, Dad sponsored the fellow during his baptism – but doesn’t even bother to visit when it’s not Christmas. It seems that he only remembers our family when he needs help.

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      2. My family and I don’t get together during the holidays (Mom goes to the province and my siblings are wherever they wish to be with their own respective families). So I usually spend Christmas with friends so I don’t know about a staycation for us. Hahaha. But you definitely should do it for your fam! I think that’d be awesome! 😀

        Ugh, it’s a good thing that I’m innately mataray because there’s not many people who would dare approach me just to go ask for Christmas gifts. And I have only one godchild that I actually look out for and give gifts to. Although they say it’s bad luck, I do say no to being a ninang when I really don’t want to. Lol

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