Is IT Really the Best Horror Film of 2017?

I’m a sucker for some good scare. I like horror films because of that certain thrill that it gives — despite the fact that I still close my eyes whenever I feel like something’s about to happen.

2017 wasn’t exactly the year for horror movies as many of the more popular releases were superhero related. However, there were 2 that caught my attention — Anabelle: Creation and this supposed best and scariest horror film of the year: IT, a movie that was based on the 1986 Stephen King novel of the same title.

Stephen King is known for his amazing horror novels (hello, The Shining, anyone?) so naturally, this got me intrigued.


Sadly, this 2 hour and 15 minute film just left me feeling disappointed and basically questioning myself as to why I found it so lame when many other people were impressed by it.

The storyline was pretty cool, though. I liked that there was that added mystery when one of the characters found out that the overflowing cases of missing children happens in town every 27 years. So okay, I thought maybe there was something there. But nah, questions unanswered.

I still don’t understand why it only happens every 27 years (I know it’s because IT goes to hibernate or something but again, why is there a need to rest for a certain number of years in the first place?) and what started it all and why was it embodying a clown — of all things??? (Enlighten me if you already know the answers to these questions.)

And let’s not get into the fact that the supposed “scary” and “jump-out-of-your-seat” scenes were just all absolutely weak, it’s almost annoying. They said this film was supposed to drive its viewers crazy??? Yup, the fact that this was not scary at all and more of a drama film rather than horror really drove me nuts!


I’m not sure why people went gaga for this movie. But hey, maybe if you’re already scared of clowns in the first place then this would surely push you to the brink of insanity but if not, then it’s a complete meh and quite frankly, a waste of time.

If anything though, all the actors were amazing and they all played their characters really well. The effects were good, too. I just can’t understand how this is a horror film, but maybe the book’s better?


  1. The book is great! Apart from the ending which is really lame – but don’t let that put you off reading this epic.

    I haven’t watch this new version of IT because I thought I would wait for Part 2 to come out so that I can watch them together. However, I’m not super-excited either. The original film version from 1990 is abysmal – one of the worst movies I have even seen!

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  2. I read the book so maybe I’m biased. I also watched the tv movie before this. I found the new IT movie to be scary especially when I was watching it in the theater with other people so tense. BUT, I do agree the jump scenes were cheap tricks! I’d say maybe this is more of a psychological thriller than a pure horror flick. I do commend the child actors in this film though – they did a fantastic job.

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    1. I should probably read the book as well. I don’t know, I just didn’t see it as how most people described it. It was just a disappointment. But ditto on the actors; all the kids were amazing!



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