The Perfect Chill Spot: Cafe, I’m Here

We went from having an early dinner at Soru Izakaya to spending a few hours catching up at Starbucks to again looking for another cafe where we can hang out because at 9:00PM, the night is still fucking young (for the bestfriend at least, because I, on the other hand, was already goddamn tired and sleepy) and Starbucks is getting old.

We initially wanted to hang out at Ludo so we could play boardgames while sipping our coffee and talking about our ~life goals~ for this year. But there were too many people and no available table so we scoured the web for a different place in the area that we could go to. That’s when we stumbled upon Cafe I’m Here which was just a few left-and-right turns away from where we were.

The bestfriend thought that just like Ludo, there are available board/card games in the place that we could borrow and play with while hanging out. Unfortunately, while it was advertised at Zomato that “board games” is part of their “look and feel”, it actually meant that one can take their games with them and play in the premises.

Of course, since this was not part of our plan, we didn’t think to bring any. So we just hung out, talked, and I drank my coffee while she drank her blue lemonade.

Look at that life-size Teddy bear!
They have tents if you feel like camping indoors.

Cafe, I’m Here is a cozy cafe that feels really homey. Instead of several chairs/couches and tables, there are instead separate rooms with pillows and bean bags where people could chill at and have fun with their families, friends, and/or partner.

I can’t say anything about their food because we didn’t order any but the Cafe Latte (hot) that I ordered was good. It wasn’t special but it was better than some of the Cafe Lattes that I’ve had from other coffee shops so that’s something.

Cafe Latte (PHP130)
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

One of my main issues with the place is the fact that customrs are “allowed” (meaning the crew don’t reprimand their fucked-up asses) to be as noisy and rude as they want. We were seated at one of the rooms at the bottom and a group of people were seated at the top (not our direct top but they were up there) and they were probably playing some game because they were fucking screaming and shouting and making all kinds of obnoxious noises that were unusual for all the other cafes that I’ve been to (including Ludo where even when people are playing games, they weren’t as obnoxiously loud as that group).

Sure it would get noisy at some point because of all the chatter but not to the extent where people are actually screaming and laughing like hyenas for whatever reason.

The only set of tables and chairs.
Seats by the wall if you feel like doing some work or studying.

It’s definitely a good place to hang by yourself or with friends but you’re doomed to be irritated or pissed off if you happen to be next to some noisy-ass fuckers who can’t think to consider that they’re in a public place and not in the comforts of their own home.

Another downside (if this is something that’s important to you) is the fact that they don’t have wifi. That’s fine by me as I prefer actually talking to the people I’m with but if you’re one who depends on the Internet or has to be updated on your social media accounts every 10 seconds, then this place may not be for you (or if you’re okay with using your cellular data, then you should be fine).

I’ll probably come back with a set of board or card games soon but hopefully, there won’t be any inconsiderate, noisy monkeys the next time around.

10AM to 3AM, Everyday
3F CTTM Square, Sacred Heart, Quezon City (the roundabout intersection of Tomas Morato and Timog Ave.
0917–363 3529


    1. Ang saya di ba?? Parang super comfy and chill lang. Sana may mga ganito nung estudyante ako. Swerte na ko nun makahanap ng tahimik na spot sa library.



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