Random Thoughts on a Gloomy Tuesday Morning

Work is extra stressful today because it’s a Monday (technically it’s Tuesday morning, Manila time but I follow the Canadian clock for work) and I don’t know how else to deal other than to overthink some random stuff that I should probably not be thinking about too much in the first place.

I’ve no other excuse except for I need a diversion because really, this Monday in particular is truly hitting me hard and the thought that it’s just the first day of my work week? Oh fuck, forget about it. I’m done.

But I need the money so I’m sucking it in.

  • What if this isn’t actually me? What if this isn’t my body and I’ve just been dreaming my entire existence for the past 26 years?
  • I want to do the #30DaysOfWriting challenge again but I’m not sure if I should do it old school style like in an actual journal? Or just create a secondary blog just for that? Or if I should post them on here like I did the first time I took part in the challenge?
  • I’m losing hope for the Philippines — its government, its people, and basically everything that comprises this would-be, should-be great nation.
  • There are so many topics that I want to blog about but two sentences in and I’m already stuck. Writer’s block is a definite pain in the ass, especially when you’re trying to be productive!
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  • I put in just 15 books as my Goodreads Reading Challenge for this year. My goal last year was 40 but I didn’t even get to half of it so… I’m good with 15 for now. Also, I’m currently on the third chapter of Antisocial by Jillian Blake. I’m hoping that it’s a good read.
Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 11.29.57 AM
  • We’re only 9 days into 2018 and my stress level is already at June to July-ish. What is going on… seriously???
  • I really feel like this isn’t me; this isn’t my body; this isn’t my “real” life and I’m just in a deep slumber that I need to wake up from really soon.
  • Adulting is hard and expensive. I want to buy tons of new home appliances and furniture and I don’t even know where to begin because I’m a little bit too broke for this goal at the moment.
  • People around me have become so blinded by love, I don’t even understand anymore.
  • I need new bras and panties. Nope, wait. My mother just gifted me a set of panties last Christmas (as she does every single year since I can remember) so I just need bras. Yup, that’s what I need.
  • My skin is so incredibly horrible, I just want to rip it off my skull and pray to the gods that I could grow a new one in a matter of seconds.
  • Badly craving Paotsin’s Laksa. 😦
  • I should probably stop thinking about these things and just focus on the fact that I get to go home in less than 3 hours (seems so far off, though).

Any random thoughts today?


  1. Do you feel like it’s mid year too? Thank you! I was wondering if it was just me or.. You know!

    January feels like July but July can’t feel like December because there won’t be any Christmas.. So what will July be like? Hmm.

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    1. Okay… that is some serious, mind-boggling random thought that you have there. Maybe we could think of July as November? Then come August, it would just be August as it is.

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  2. My first blog post for this year took me 8 freaking days because my anxiety level the first week was worse than my “winter blues”. Tomorrow is my last day at work and I still don’t know what to feel about it. I need the money too but nope, I need to take care of my mental health more this year. It physically drained me so much last year. That’s basically my thought after reading this. Hahaha Also, I only set 12 books this year. I’m 1/12 now. But that’s a poetry book so it’s a fast read. LOL

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    1. My anxiety is through the roof, too. Glad you’re feeling better, though! 🙂 Aw, that’s great. You can always find a better job that wouldn’t jeopardize your health.

      Hahahaha I wish I could finish 15 books. Here’s to hoping! Good luck with your goal, too. 😀


  3. Here are my random thoughts for the day:
    – I’m gaining weight again, shit. And I haven’t started my fitness regime for this year yet. I did say on the eve of December 31st that I’d do it.
    – I’m stuck with the blog draft I’m currently typing.
    – I agree that PH is hopeless. I can’t believe I used to be a supporter of PDuts.
    – How do I ask my friend over there to lend me 500 pesos?

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    1. ∙ Fitness shmitness. Eat what you want!!!! Charot. If you feel like you should, then definitely go for it!
      ∙ But you finally hit that Publish button so congratulations! 😀
      ∙ I was never a supporter. I thought he might be something but then he was atras-abante sa pagtakbo, and I was like, “nah, this guy is fucked”.
      ∙ WAS THINKING ABOUT THIS EARLIER, TOO! Pero a lot earlier in the day so I kinda forgot about it. Hahahaha shet pulubi problems 😩



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