Without Merit by Colleen Hoover is Without A Doubt A Favorite

Not every mistake deserves a consequence. Sometimes, the only thing it deserves is forgiveness.

I initially thought that this was going to be a romance novel given the rest of the works that were written by Colleen Hoover. I didn’t bother reading the synopsis of the book or going through the reviews on Goodreads because I didn’t want my judgment to be clouded by the thoughts of others.

And I’m glad that I didn’t. Because had I did, I wouldn’t end up liking the book as much as I do.

Without Merit is Colleen Hoover’s latest novel, released in 2017. It’s about Merit Voss, the 17-year-old girl who likes collecting trophies, and the rest of her family who lives in a house that was once a church.

I don’t think I have read a book this fast. The story captivated me in ways more than one and I couldn’t find the will to just put it down. I got so caught up in the story of Merit — her thoughts, her feelings, and her secrets.

When she wrote that letter, addressing everybody and outing their secrets that she has known and has been keeping for a while, I couldn’t find the will in me to put the book down. It got so intense and I wanted to know how they would all react to everything that she just revealed.

And more than that, I like that Colleen talked about almost every single issue that’s current in our society without clogging the entire story. I like that she touched on topics such as sexual harassment, mental health, gender equality, LGBT, and bigger world issues like wars and oppression and how most people feel privileged enough to not care about such things.

Of course, some people felt that the author talked about one too many issues and tried too hard to seem relevant — which I don’t agree with. Some of the reviews that I read were very critical and political about this when at the end of the day, it’s all about entertaining someone and getting certain points across, no matter how trivial the point is for some.

It annoys me when people try to convince other people that their anger or stress isn’t warranted if someone else in the world is worse off than them. It’s bullshit. Your emotions and reactions are valid, Merit. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. You’re the only one who feels them.

Without Merit is one of those stories that will stay with you. Merit’s journey is one that’s worth reading. It’s not a romance novel but it’s about love — the greater and bigger sense of the word and the feeling.


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