Everything Everything — The Movie Adaptation

For years, I thought that the worst Young Adult book-to-movie adaptation was Twilight; followed closely by The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Paper Towns. These movies didn’t do the books justice, and on some parts, butchered such a good plot, it almost hurts. (Yes, even the Twilight saga because I actually do like the book series.)

And then came this atrocity. Everything Everything is a book written by Nicola Yoon and one that I read early this year. Last night, the girlfriend and I decided to watch the 2017 movie adaptation of it and it was, ugh…

My god was it the worst!

There are details that didn’t quite add up.

I could let the fact that her room wasn’t all white even if the first chapter of the book was titled “The White Room”. I could let go of the part where Maddy and Olly were texting/calling instead of emailing/IM-ing. I could even overlook the part where they decided to change the race of her mother to Black instead of Asian.

But there are just some stuff that I could not wrap my head around. Like…

Rosa — Clara’s daughter — is able to come in to the house and see Maddy. That’s just not right! The fact that Maddy didn’t have any friends outside of her Mom, her nurse (Clara), and her Architecture teacher (if you can even count him as a friend) that she can actually see personally is what basically added more fuel to her drive and need and yearning to experience the outside world.

That’s basically the point of this story!!! And now you gave her a friend that she can actually be with physically???

The people behind this movie are just putting characters in situations that they have no place to be at.

They just HAD TO make it seem like they were together, huh?

Then there’s this bit where whenever Maddy and Olly are texting each other, the clips would show them sitting and actually talking to each other inside design models that Maddy created for one of her classes.

I mean, really? Couldn’t they have just stick to how it really was — these two being in their rooms while they’re having their conversations?

It’s just so silly and so weird when Olly said “type faster” and they were actually face to face on the clip because for some reason, these movie people just had to be annoying.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also had to endure the bad chemistry between the leads and the horrible acting. Ugh, I can’t even begin to describe the ridiculousness of it all!

They just did not fit together! You can’t feel that emotion that they want to be with each other. And you can’t feel that yearning and desperation from Amanda Stenberg (the actress who played Maddy) about wanting to finally leave the house and be with the world… the ocean. You just can’t feel anything from them at all!

This was supposed to be romantic but it just fell flat.

It’s just so terrible, it’s fucking offensive.

If it’s any consolation, at least they’ve included the bundt cake bits by Olly.


    1. Okay, seriously, I love that you said PER and not AS PER (major pet peeve ko yang lintek na as per na yan). Anyway, read the book munaaaa! It’s waaaaay better than this shitty movie.


    1. It got fairly decent reviews on several sites so maybe it’s just me? But then, the girlfriend thought the same thing so maybe it’s really that horrible. It was definitely a waste of my time, though. Sadly.



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