Random Thoughts on A Really Warm Friday Night

It needs to be said: I’m extremely excited and surprisingly calm (maybe even a little happy?) for the past few days.

Well, shit is still crazy but they’re at least not as bad as before and I’ve grown to be okay with how things are going so far. Mind you, I still hate my job and it still stresses the fuck out of me but it has become somewhat manageable that I don’t really mind it that much anymore.

  • Fellow Filipinos (who are currently here in the Philippines — specifically in Metro Manila) who are also bookworms, have you people heard of/read about the Big Bad Wolf Books event that’s currently happening now (yes as in right now because they’re fucking open 24/7 and will be open until February 25 at 11:59PM) at the World Trade Center in Pasay? If you haven’t, well, head on over to this link to find out what’s up!
  • I’m super excited about the BBW event as I’ll be heading over there later this morning after my work shift. I’m broke as fuck but thank god for the girlfriend who supports all my addictions and is willing to lend me money just so I could hoard more books!
  • Speaking of books, I’m actually selling a bunch of what I have in my stash. I’m going to post those here if anyone’s interested. So let me know in the comments below, okay? This is for Philippine residents only, though.
  • I seriously cannot contain the excitement, you guys!! BBW Books and it’s the fucking weekend! My heart is happy!
  • Can you believe it — I’ve actually set aside all my other addictions (lipsticks and makeup in general and pens) and am not even thinking about them as much as I used to and all I really want right now is to get myself about a dozen (more, if I can) books???
  • And here’s another book-related thought: Goodreads Reading Challenge! Remember this post where I said I challenged myself to read 15 books this year? Well, not long after that, I changed the number to 24, and you guys, I’ve already read 17 and am currently about a quarter through of what I’m currently reading. Once again, my heart is happy!
  • So I want to think that the 24 books for this year is just a front and what I’m really aiming for is 100 (maybe more) this year. And hopefully, — seriously, really hoping for this — I can actually achieve it and this reading streak that I am in won’t fade somewhere down the road of 2018.
  • Since it’s Chinese New Year today, I remembered that I haven’t eaten tikoy in holy fucking years! It’s a good thing that the company at I work gave us tikoy as treats so I can have me some this weekend (dipped in scrambled egg then fried)!
  • Why am I super cheery and giddy and excited and happy and it’s so weird that I feel like something bad’s bound to happen soon?
  • This brain of mine is just… ugh, most definitely annoying.
  • Okay, BBW Books later!!! Let me know if you’re going later today so maybe we could meet and be excited about all the books together???
  • I haven’t had my coffee yet so, yeah, excuse me while I get myself two cups of some delicious, heavily-caffeinated coffee. BYE.


  1. The hype for BBW is insane; it’s not just the blogger/reader community. It’s even all over mainstream social media. I’d love to go but Pasay is just a bit too far from QC. Would you say it’s worth it?

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    1. If you’re going because you think there would be mainstream titles, then it’s not worth it. There are very few stocks of the more popular books and they sold out in a flash (for obvious reasons). But if you’re thinking about going to just get books, regardless of the author or the hype around it (or lack thereof), then I think it’s worth it. I got 11 books that I didn’t even know existed (except for one) and I’m really happy about the purchase. 😀


  2. Enjoy the book event and happy weekend! (maybe you’re trading one addiction for another? haha) It’s a long weekend here for us in Toronto so it’s doubly exciting!
    I just googled tikoy and omg, I remember eating that when I was young! Yes, with scrambled eggs and fried is the best!

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    1. Oh yeah. It’s Family Day on Monday, right? Happy long weekend to you, girl! ☺️ Oh yeah, you’re Asian, too! Hahaha. Are there any tikoys in Canada?

      I haven’t thought about buying new makeup and pens lately but I don’t think the lipstick addiction is going to die anytime soon hahaha



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