What’s New, Vol. 7: Books from the Big Bad Wolf

Nothing beats the smell of new books. And nothing will ever beat a local event that offers over 3 million books for 50-60% less than their regular price.

Of course, I just had to be there — regardless of how fucking far the event location is at from where I live. (Just for scale, it takes about a total of 4 hours travel time back and forth — and mostly because of the insane Metro Manila traffic and basically because it really is that far).

And this event definitely did not disappoint. I was hoping for a few popular titles but what I found were some underground gems that most people haven’t heard of. And I love that!

I got 11 books in total and only spent less than PHP2,000. If you ask me, that’s definitely a steal given how most regular-priced books would cost PHP300-PHP600 each on average.

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So here are the new books in my stash, all thanks to the Big Bad Wolf Books event.

I’m most excited about Trust Your Eyes and Seconds Away because I’ve read other works by Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben and they were some of my favorite mystery/thriller books so I have a bit of a high expectation for these two. Hopefully, neither of them would disappoint.



If you’re a book lover and are currently here in the Metro, I seriously urge you to visit this event at the World Trade Center. It’s certainly one of the best. The books are well-organized, there’s a commendable system in their cashier area, there are millions of books available, and they’re all so cheap!

I would advise dropping by at night or in the early hours of the morning (since they’re open 24/7, anyway) to get the most out of the experience. There’ll be lesser people and you can basically have the place all to yourself and freely browse the books that they offer without the hassle of navigating towards a number of other people.

BBW Books Sale
Photo from the event’s Facebook page.

P.S. Make nice to the crew who are arranging the books. If you’re looking for a particular novel, ask them in an almost-flirtatious way (no joke) because they’d make a way for you to have the book that you’re looking for. Of course, granted that they do carry it.

Case in point, I was looking for “One Day” because I saw it in someone else’s cart and know that one is available somewhere. But for the life of me, I couldn’t find a copy. I approached this guy crew and I wasn’t even flirtatious but I asked in a reaaaaallyyy nice way (a way that would get me slapped on the face by my friends who know that I’m not actually like that to anyone) and he was like “it’s actually already sold out but luckily, I saved one just for you”.

It’s laughable and of course he didn’t actually save the book just for me but he did pull it out of a box that’s for “authorized persons only” so, hey, it pays to be extra nice. 😏😉


    1. OMG I wish I had 7k to spare on books! PHEW!!!! Pero buti naman at sulit. Mygad, naalala ko tuloy yung babaeng nakatabi ko sa may CR, nagcocompute ng binili niya and umabot na siya ng 12k+ and I was like OMGGGGG. Well, needless to say, na #sh00kt ang lyf ko.

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  1. This excites me even more to pay that Big Bad Wolf a visit! Sabi nga kasi ng mga kakilala ko na nagpunta na, the prices are craazy cheap. This the first time I can thank God that I work as far as Pasay. Kahit nagmumura na’ko sa traffic at pagkalate araw-araw, finally, a consolation.

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    1. Hahahaha. I had to travel all the way from the North just to get to this event so yes, working in Pasay and this event being in the same city is definitely a consolation to the nakakaputanginang traffic. :p Sheeet. I really want to go back because a lot of the books that I saw on Facebook weren’t available when I dropped by last weekend. 😦 Medyo kumirot siya ng very light, gurl. 😦

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  2. This looks like such a fab event! I love browsing books and holding them in my hands , reading the blurbs, but sadly it’s just so much cheaper to buy them on amazon nowadays than say Waterstones 😦 So this seems like a great way to shop with all your senses and get better prices 😀 lucky you! xo

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    1. It was! And now I’m thinking about going back. Aw, good thing books here aren’t that expensive (even the regular-priced ones). It’s just that this event offered them even cheaper so that’s amazing. And a lot of these are actually books from local UK writers. 🙂

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    1. I haven’t watched One Day so I’m in for a treat here. Although, I did know that it was turned into a movie because the books with Anne Hathaway on the cover were displayed at the Fully Booked at Greenhills when I went there years ago. So di maiwasan na malaman ko hahahaha. You probably should read the book? Not sure if it’s any good though or if it’s better than the movie lol



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