The Ghostwriter – A Painfully Beautiful Tale

I wanted to read this because I was seriously getting tired of all the young adult and new adult novels that have consumed me for the past month and a half.

Don’t get me wrong, though. A bunch of them are good reads and I’m happy to have known the characters and to have been given a chance to know their lives. But I just badly needed a change of pace. And so I checked Goodreads 2017 Choice Awards and went straight to the Mystery & Thriller genre.

The first one on the list — and the overall winner — was a novel written by Paula Hawkins and I seriously did not wanna go there again. Her other award-winning novel was such a bore and a snoozefest that I didn’t even bother going through the entire thing and ended up closing it for good after about 6 chapters. Straight to my DNF pile it went.

One of the novels that did call my name was this one by Alessandra Torre: The Ghostwriter. So I went for that.

I admit, I’ve never heard of this author before but with this particular work of hers averaging 4.36 in ratings on Goodreads, I was immediately intrigued.

I really didn’t bother with reading the reviews and even the synopsis as I didn’t want my reading experience to be tainted by anything. So I just went with one knowledge: that this is supposedly a mystery/thriller novel.

I was really looking forward to those chapter cliffhangers. Ones that would make you grip at the edge of your seat and push you to read more just so you’d know what happens next. You know… those?

But I got none of those here.

Sure I wanna know what happened next but not in the typical suspense thriller feels. If you know what I mean.

There is something soothing about the act of writing, a drug that lures you into another world, but then forgets to stop, and sometimes carries you all the way into sleepdom.

This was a story within a story. A novel inception of sorts.

Basically, this book is about Helena Ross, a bestselling author who wanted to write one last story before she succumbs to the big C. But she found that she’s gotten too weak to do the work on her own and decided that a ghostwriter is in order.

What’s Helena’s story, you might ask and why was she so adamant on spending the last few months of her life writing it for the world to know?

Well, it’s the story of her life. It’s beautiful. It’s painful. It’s fucking heartbreaking. And it’s a story that’s worth reading.

I don’t know how Alessandra did it, but she did. And I’m glad she did. This is one piece of art that will stay with me for quite a while. And one that I may find myself reading again and again.

In fact, I just finished this a few hours ago [February 12] and I immediately went back and have re-read some parts of it already. That’s definitely saying something.

The book was beautifully written. It was emotional. The plot of the story was great. That twist, while not as shocking as one would expect from a mystery/thriller book, is still worth noting. And the ending… oh that ending was as wonderful as it is heart-shattering.

Funny what you find out about people when they leave you. Or when your mind stops making excuses for all of their clues.

Check out my 2018 Reading Challenge — a growing list of books that I read this year.

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