Random Thoughts on A Hot Thursday Night

It’s 11 past 11 — oh, hey! 11:11! Make a wish! — and I got in at work a few minutes ago and I’m still feeling a little bit weird, for some reason. A lot of thoughts are bubbling in my head and I just… ugh, I can’t even form a complete sentence without feeling like a complete idiot.

Fuck this shit.

  • Our dog got scratched by a stray cat earlier and I’m, like, still in shock. The wound’s not deep so I’m feeling better about that but still, it’s there. It was bleeding. And I couldn’t take care of him because I have to be here, at this fucking job.
  • It’s a good thing that the girlfriend’s at home to take care of our baby. Hopefully, nothing happens to him. I don’t know what I’d do in case something does.
  • Shit, is this what parents feel like when something happens to their child — as in human child??? Have I really become an actual parent???
  • Okay, the thought of actually taking care of another human being is freaking me out. Why did I have to put that thought in my head! Fuck.
  • So… this blog is making me really anxious that I actually deleted all my Tags and Categories and added new ones (not really new ones since they’re essentially the same as what I already had before which is making me think… why the fuck did I delete them in the first place????) and edited all my existing posts — all 134 of them! — with the new tags and categories.
  • I also kept changing themes (without activating them, but still) and I can’t seem to feel content with whatever I choose. Ugh, I might actually end up purchasing a theme because of this.
  • Speaking of editing shit out, I also edited a lot of photos to use as my featured image. I ended up not liking a bunch of them so I had to scrap a whole lot. And I lost hours of sleep because of this lunacy that I’m putting myself through.
  • You might notice my “bktrya reads” and “random thoughts” posts now have edited featured images. Those I uploaded and published because I was okay with how they turned out. Take note, I’m not completely happy and content with them but they’ll do for now.
  • Why can’t I stop doing this to myself???
  • I cannot stop thinking about my baby boy. I’m really hoping that he’ll be okay. 😥
  • On a lighter note, it’s Thursday so that means tomorrow’s Friday which means last day of my work week and means WEEKEND!!!
  • And oh, Odee‘s making me constantly think about my ~*creativity*~ (or lack thereof) and I keep wishing that I was as creative as her. But she just refuses to overcome her laziness (ha! I’m one to talk!) and get on with creating more beautiful stuff because she really is that fucking amazing at what she does. I mean, just look at this and THIS. Like, fuck. I can’t even do a decent lettering work using two font styles. And she managed to do those????
  • I’m green-eyed envious and I’m gonna smack this woman on the head if she doesn’t get out of the lazy slump she’s in.
  • I love her so I’m not really bashing her, in case y’all are thinking the worst of me right now.
  • Odee, get your fucking shit together, woman!
  • Also, Kat has been constantly posting about her Japan trip and Japan’s not even on my bucket list of places that I wanna go to but I know I might never will and she’s making me want to add the country to that list.
  • Besides, Japanese foods are the bomb!
  • That reminds me (although it has absolutely no connection to what I remembered), I need to finish the draft of my February 2018 roundup post. I keep putting it off and I really need to get my shit together.
  • And hey, IT’S THE FUCKING FIRST OF MARCH (well, almost the second since it’s already 11:59) AND WHERE THE HELL DID FEBRUARY GO!!!! Must the universe make January 5 months long and February just a mere 2 weeks????
  • This list has gone longer than I anticipated. I need a hot cup of coffee and a stick of cigarette (bad for your health so quit while you still can!). So I’m gonna go get those. Ciao.


  1. I can totally relate to losing sleep due to editing featured images! hahaha
    But I can’t, for the life of me, resize them all. I don’t have the layered files anymore so I just have to post and post until the old featured images are buried. I love your new theme! Like you, I also want to buy a premium theme kaso nanghihinayang ako sa pera. Tuitionan na naman sa May T-T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But your featured images are AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL AND DROOL-WORTHY tho???? Huhuhuhuhu they make me sad over my editing non-skills. Hahaha.

      But wait, you have a domain so a lot of the premium themes are free for you to use or was I wrong in my understand that that’s how it goes???


      1. Thank you! ❤️
        Nako, the premium themes are not free when you upgrade to a paid account. I also thought it will be free. Maybe it’s because I only upgraded to a personal account? There are three options: personal, premium, and business. I chose personal kasi cheapest.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Aw talaga ba??? I thought basta paid account, free na yun iba. Luuuh? FUCKING SCAM! Charot. Hahahaha. Makapag business account nga. #yayamanin


  2. Was laughing while reading this HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Super guilty of changing themes, too! Bet if I write new posts as much as I change themes, I’d be more productive hahaha. Ewan ko ba bakit nakaka-OC. Buying themes won’t work for me, though, because when I had my own domain and can get a lot of premium WP themes for free, hindi rin naman ako nasa-satisfy sa isang theme lang. I’ll change to another one in a month or less hahaha. What’s wrong with us????

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I agree talaga. I keep changing din pero ngayon I’ll stick with mine na. Idk nagustuhan ko na talaga siya. And kawawa happy engineers kasi I always make them tweak my CSS tapos nagbabago din naman ako. Hahaha I’m really satisfied on the one I have rn.


    2. Hahahahaha di ba!!!! Parang di nalang mapakali e. Kakairita! Gusto ko na mag plan sa ngalan lang ng themes. (Plus, well, the domain, too.) Hahaha

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Hahahaha I can imagine you typing this with worried, paranoid, freaking out a little bit voice! I agree, nakakainis si Odee. Tamad na tamad eh ang creative! Sabi ko nga gawin niya lang! Eh nagiinarte… tskkkk 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yung sobrang aligaga, di na mapakali hahahaha. And yes, nako. Pag nagkita kami ulit nun, babatukan ko na talaga siya. #PeerPressure. Hahahahaha

      Liked by 2 people

  4. I hope your baby is okay 😦 we have lots of stray cats now Idk why they are all here since the year started but I’m feeding them anw because cute :((

    ang mahal ng themes 😦 if you upgrade your domain tho free na sila lahat kaso mahirap pa din maghanap ng gustong gusto mo talaga 😦

    “edited all my existing posts” shit i did this, too. hahahahahaha pati featured image hahahaha your new edits are cute tho!!!!

    HAPPY MARCH!!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s great. Makulit pa rin, buti nalang! We have cats at home too pero mabait sila sa kanya. Pero yung mga taga labas talaga, hay kaloka. 😦

      I’m thinking about that as well. At least, pag nagupgrade ako, I can switch to other premium themes as well instead of just purchasing a single one. Hay. Buti pa sa blogspot talaga, I can design my own theme. Hahahaha

      NAKAKAPAGOD BUT SO WORTH IT. Kaya lang di pa rin ako mapakali hahaha. Thank you, though! Hihihi. :p

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yaaay good to know!

        i was in blogspot din idk why i transferred here hahaha

        ang hirap magstick sa edit and theme Idk hahahaha this proves that we keep on changing? lol



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