We Can’t Be Silent

Putting down The Hate U Give (the book I’m currently reading) for a while because I realized something just ten chapters in.

Exactly. We can’t be silent.

In the book, people are protesting the death of a black kid in the hands of a police officer. This is not some news to the American Black community. Every corner of the USA, black people (kids and adults alike) are dropping dead because of the twisted system that that country has.

And here in the Philippines, people are protesting and the privileged and/or ignorant talk shit and smack on these people.

These folks are fighting for something and they’re branded as some lazy-ass leeches. These folks are shouting for change in our system and they’re told to just get off their asses. These folks are begging for a better government and they’re pushed to the side, ignored and left behind.

Apparently, these people have no right to call bullshit on our government because for those in the upper and middle class of this society, all they have to do is get better-paying jobs. All they have to do is “quit popping babies like a popcorn” (this is a direct quote from a person that I know). As if it’s that easy. As if the government is allowing these people any free means to contraceptives and proper family planning. As if the system is capable to be twisted so that blue collar workers could be paid higher. As if any of that is simple in this fucked up country.

These people are refusing to be silent and I can’t bear the fact that other people are pushing them to just shut the fuck up; silencing them to not cause chaos. As if the main cause of the problem is these people and not the system.

I don’t know. It’s like wherever you go, shit’s going down and human beings are just fucked either way. Maybe we should all just move to Uranus or something. This planet has become terribly unbearable to live in.

(And if you think that there’s no problem and we should all just mind our own businesses because we’re not directly affected by all these crap anyway, you’re part of the problem.)


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