Netflix's Veronica – Scariest Movie of All Time?

Here we go again with these scariest movie of all time claims. Of course, being the huge horror movie fan that I am, I can’t help but feel intrigued and curious. What is with Netflix’s Veronica (a 2017 Spanish horror film) that made it such a hit?

Is it really that good? Is it really that scary? Is it really that type of movie that would leave me tossing and turning, fearing my own imagination, on my bed in the dead of the night?


But before we talk about the movie, let me tell you this story first. The story of when I first watched the horror/thriller film The Exorcism of Emily Rose. I remember it clearly up to this day, actually.

It was on my birthday back in 2005 that I got to watch this movie with my friends. We were in this newly-opened mall in our city so I was really excited because our small city finally has a mall with a movie theater in it (part of why I still remember this story vividly)!

Anyway, we sat at the very top at the very back and I remember really watching my film — as in no covering of my eyes or closing my eyes or turning away from the screen. I was glued to it! And it was probably the worst decision that I made on that day.

Later that night, I could not, for the life of me, go to sleep. I wasn’t scared, mind you (as in scared that someone would come for me or something’s under my bed or in my closet or you know, stuff like that). It was just I was so disturbed by what I watched that I ended up thinking about the whole damn film for fucking hours! I even remember dozing off a little and then waking up at 3 in the morning! And if you watched that film, you’d understand why that fact creeped me out even more.

Thank goodness, though, that my aunt just came back from the US at that time and was going to stay with us for that day so I ended up having something to do (as in help her unpack and then set aside and arrange all her pasalubongs) at 3 in the morning aside from just constantly thinking about the film.

So while I didn’t have the same exact reaction with Veronica, I still did have a very similar one.

Sister Death is Sister Creepy.

They didn’t have similar plots, though (but both were loosely based on true stories), since Veronica is about a girl who tried contacting her dead father through a Ouija board and ended up being haunted by an evil spirit — following her even at her own home.

I couldn’t sleep peacefully after watching because all I could think about were the disturbing and creepy scenes from the movie. I also kept thinking about the psychological factor of it all and the mind-boggling plot. So I ended up dreaming parts of the movie which really didn’t help.

It wasn’t a scary film if you’re looking for those cheap jump scares that causes you to scream like a baby and for your heart to beat insanely fast. You might even think that this movie is lame or meh if that’s the only thing that you look for in these types of films.

It is a very troubling movie that made me feel really anxious for hours! So yes, I’ll say it’s a pretty great watch but definitely not the scariest movie of all time.


    1. Aw. I didn’t know na na-bash siya sa FB because of it. Pero it was pretty good, just not the ‘scariest movie of all time’.


  1. ‘Twas a good horror movie that relied more on mood and atmosphere than cheap jump scares. I enjoyed it and it did give me the creeps. But to be the scariest movie of all times? Don’t think so.

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      1. Two movies that creeped me out when I first saw it were Exorcist and Ringu (Japanese version). But one movie that still lingers in my mind to this day is El Orfanato, mainly because it taps into one basic fear of mine.

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      2. Oooh, I haven’t watched Ringu. I’ll definitely check that out. As for Exorcist, when I first watched it, I was really underwhelmed.

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      3. I see. Exorcist creeped me out because back in the 70s demonic possession was practically unheard of.

        Try the Japanese version of Ringu. That creeped me out more than the US version.



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