Random Thoughts on A Seriously Hot Monday Afternoon

My thoughts always end up crashing down like a waterfall on a fucking Monday. I’m not gonna post about hating Monday because contrary to my previous posts, I don’t really hate Mondays; I just hate the idea of the day – start of a new work week, end of another weekend and such.

Today though, I hate Monday because it’s so excruciatingly hot! Summer is definitely here in the Philippines and I don’t like it one bit. Some people like the sun; the idea of summer and going to the beach but I just don’t appreciate it. So here I am again, hating the day, but for a completely different reason. God I really do hate summers.

  • I changed my theme — again — because why the hell not. I need to stop with this obsession already, though.
  • Along with the theme change, I had to edit some featured images as well because otherwise, they’re cropped to an almost-unreadable state and I’m not having that; my self-diagnosed OCD is not having that so yep, I spent my entire Sunday editing featured images for my bktrya reads posts.
  • I also spent a part of my Sunday watching throwback posts on YouTube so I’m thinking about posting my own take on the topic for an entire week. I just haven’t gotten around to what I do want to post.
  • I really need a new pair of pants and a new pair of shoes. I’ll probably go shopping this weekend for those.
  • I’m not really into fashion and I don’t shop very often and I probably should start minding what I wear from now on. But I just cannot be bothered sometimes.
  • I’m in love with the two new shows that I’m watching — Life Sentence and For the People. I can’t wait for the next episodes.
  • Obsessing over collages and artsy GIFs is not healthy for someone like me who’s got not an ounce of creative bone in her body. Is there a workshop for these things or you just have to be born with it?
  • I really need to buy a washing machine before the month ends. Having my girlfriend hand wash all our clothes is just not right. And probably inhumane.
  • I’ve become terribly hormonal for the past few days (because fuck monthly periods; here we go) and I’m wondering, is there a cure for this? A herbal medicine? A DIY home remedy? Because I really cannot handle being this annoyed this much.
  • I need a double dose of my skincare stuff because god fucking dammit these pimples are fucking annoying! This is the worst break out that I’ve had for a year and really, seriously fuck this PMS crap.
  • I’m dreading the latest episode of Criminal Minds. If you’re updated on the show, you’ll understand what I feel.
  • Have you heard of the Disney show Bizaardvark? Is it any good? Because I’m thinking about spending a good chunk of my time binge watching it.
  • I’m hoping that I’d have some extra money on our next pay day because I badly need a full body massage.
  • Sometimes I wish I’m a dog. Or a cat.
  • And then sometimes I wish I’m just really filthy rich.
  • Excuse me while I seek comfort in my air-conditioned room then just suffer the consequences of my Meralco (electric) bill later on. Ugh. 😩


  1. the first thing I noticed before I read the post is “oh, she changed theme. it looks like Ate Kat’s theme before. i wonder what theme is this, it looks really clean” hahahaha sobrang kakaiyak mag edit when you changed theme 😦 so let’s stick with our themes now HAHAHAHHAHAHA we are making ourselves suffer ugh but it’s a good kind of suffer wow masochist lol

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    1. It was! I first used this theme back in 2016 when I was just starting back on WP but I didn’t feel it that much back then because of the lack of header menu (ang babaw lang lol). And now, it grew on me again. Hahaha. I’m into the minimalist, black and white themes and this is one of the very few options.

      Btw, it’s called the Twenty Fifteen theme. 🙂

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      1. hahahaha it’s annoying how you really like a theme then it lacks this one thing and ugh Ive always loved your theme anw! black and white really looks clean. i want to go back to that palette but whenever I do, ugh it’s not me anymore hahahahaa

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      2. Di baaaaaa! Nakakainis lang. But I like this kind of stress. It somehow makes me happy. Hahaha. I like full on colors, but that’s just not me. Even my own room lacks color. Hahaha

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  2. Typing this on Notepad as usual–

    1. YES YOU CHANGED YOUR THEME! It looks good, but tbh, all your themes look good. I kid you not.

    2. That is the tedious part of changing themes I don’t like, having to change a lot of stuff because our OC selves can’t take things that are out of place haha

    3. I’ve only watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds and man, it actually haunts me. That show is genius but somehow I also couldn’t take how twisted it can be.

    4. Here’s to wishing that we’re filthy rich!!! Sometimes when I’m bored, I imagine what I’d do if I have a billion pesos and then list down the things I’m going to buy with it haha

    5. YES THIS HEAT IS SO EFFIN’ INTENSE like the atmosphere’s so heavy even tho I don’t want our electricity to surge, there’s just no way for me to sleep without AC. Fuccckkkkkkk

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    1. LOL I try. Kainis lang na I can’t customize it to my actual liking. Sayang ang web design basic skillz na meron ako (first acquired from Friendster). Hahahahaha. Hell yes!!!! Napagod ako nung Sunday sa pageedit, mumsh, and I’m still not happy with the outcome. Kairita pls.


      Aynako, manalo sana ako ng lotto kahit di ako tumataya. Hahahaha. What I would do with even 60M+. Omg the possibilities, gurl!!!!

      Dibaaaaa. Nakakaputa yung init. As in ang lala. Buti nalang may aircon (sakit lang sa Meralco) kasi kung wala, shet, namatay na ko.

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  3. You changed themes again! You will lose sleep over this! *starting to sound preachy
    Like you, I am a big fan of collages! For me, it’s the easiest cheat to getting decent artwork done kasi you just: 1.) choose a background 2.) cut from several photo sources (using pen tool, with no regard for accuracy — the more jagged, the better) 3.) paste, paste paste randomly 4.) add text using good fonts if you want.
    Pang tamad na tao siya like me. Gusto ko din makapagworkshop. Kung magkaron, let me know. I will register with you! (if work sched allows)

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    1. Hahahahaha. I already lost hours of sleep! Somehow I regret it. 😦

      You’re the one who got me started into this whole obsession! Your collages are amazing. I tried doing my own but I just failed miserably. Tangina this. 😦


  4. I feel you. Ang init na at nakaka-affect na ng vibes. Lalo na sayo na naka ibang shift at walang aircon (or walang comfort ng aircon w/o the bill). What’s worse is it’s only starting. Good luck sa atin! (ps mas type ko yung theme mo before)

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    1. True! Parang mas lalong umiinit ang ulo ko dahil sa init. -___- Buti nalang may aircon ako pero shet, Meralco bill ko nanaman kawawa neto. 😦 Lol I like my old theme, too, but I’ll just wear this out for a few weeks/months and see where we go from there.

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  5. I too do not like summer. But I do not hate it. Everything is important in this world for someone. Some one said,”If you cant change the situation, it is better to change yourself. It is better to focus on what we can do in summer like swimming, going to water park, beaches etc.

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    1. I don’t like swimming, hate beaches and water parks so I guess everything that has to do with summer, I just dislike with a grave intensity.



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