What I Really, Truly Need Right Now

Every single thing about this day annoys the fuck out of my senses. I think this is a lot more than just me PMS-ing. I think I’m just really pissed off for some reason and I need to get my finger on that reason pronto before I erupt like the fucking Mayon Volcano — on and on and on for days.

Maybe I just need to get out of my head for a little while? Take a breather; smell some fresh air; feel some cool breeze; eat some good food.

Maybe I need a road trip; a vacation from all the chaos and stress that Metro Manila brings forth on semi-fragile human beings, such as myself, on a daily basis.

But really, fuck everyone and everything today and maybe for the rest of the week. I want to be alone, unbothered for a good few days without having to deal with all the stupidity and annoyance that this sorry-ass planet brings.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

My girlfriend is annoying the fuck out of me. I love her and all but she’s irritating me — for petty reasons which I’d rather not disclose.

My friends are most especially annoying the fuck out me. I love them, of course, but they’re all fucking irritating.

Even my dog is annoying the fuck out of me and he isn’t even doing anything aside from being his cute-ass, adorable self as always.

I need to quit life for a minute and maybe just be an inanimate object for a little while.  Or maybe all I really need is a full-body massage.

On a happier note, I’ve some new songs on my playlist that I really have been loving. These are feel-good songs that give off that road trip, wind against my hair, beautiful view type of vibe and they make me so tingly and giddy inside.

They’re currently a part of my “current hits” playlist which is a somewhat embarrassing list of all things pop and, well, current. So I’m not embedding the entire playlist here but here are screenshots of the songs in case anyone’s interested.

  • Sober by Mahalia
  • Fair-Weather Friend by Bruno Major
  • Sunflower by Rex Orange County
  • Compromised by Tim Atlas

If you know these songs and know ones that are similar to them, please please please comment them down below because I need to create an entirely different playlist with songs that give off just this type of vibe.

Really though, I terribly need an hour (maybe more) of full-body massage while listening to good music.


  1. I love-love-love your featured image! I can’t believe that your featured images are not photoshopped pala kasi they are so good! How in the hell were you able to layer that in Photoscape?! If only I am near you guys, (Kat, Bktorya, Odee) I will teach you basic photoshop (since that it what I just know) so we can all make visual art (and crap) when words won’t just come.

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    1. YAAAAAY COMING FROM YOU??? THANK YOU; MY HEART IS VERY VERY VERY HAPPY ❤ Hahaha hindi ko siya ni-layer. Nagawa ko yung dati (the layering) sa Photoshop pero sobrang confusing lang talaga nung software, di ko na inulit. So ayun, individual images lang na pinatong-patong ko, then para sa GIF, sinave ko lang yung images individually then I compiled them as a GIF (since my "create a GIF" feature ang Photoscape) tapos ayun na. Matrabaho kasi ina-angle ko pa and usog usog and shit like that. -.-


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      1. Sige, soon, pero if you have a Windows laptop, bring it 🙂 I don’t know shit about operating in Mac. Baka kaya pero malilito ako. I might not be able to bring a laptop (since ginagamit ko lang yung office laptop ng husband ko sa bahay)

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      2. I do pero shet, hindi na siya fully-functioning laptop. As in I mainly use it para sa pamimirata ko ng movies and series since that’s all it’s good for now. Hahahaha. Mac lang. 😥 Pero yey, sana matuloy. Excited ako matuto and to meet another blogger. :p


  2. Looks like we have the same taste in music. 😉 Rex Orange County is performing in Toronto soon. You might like Raveena’s Sweet Time and Quiet Luke’s I Wanna Go.

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    1. Oooh oooh. YES, NEW SONGS TO LISTEN TO!!!! Thank you for the recommendations; will check them out later today. ❤ And oh, I wish he performs here in the PH, too. But I don't think he's that well-known locally yet so maybe not in the near future. He's really good, though and I like a lot of what he's put out so far.

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      1. Yeah, the latest one I’ve heard from him so far is “Loving Is Easy.” It’s got a very sunny nostalgia feel to it. Quiet Luke once replied to my comment about performing in Toronto. In it, he said: “I need more fans in that area. Spread the word.” So, I’m spreading the word. 🙂

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      2. I didn’t like Loving is Easy as much as I did Sunflower but it’s still a good song. I still haven’t listened to Quiet Luke; I have to keep a note of that. Ugh.

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    1. Huhuhuhuhu. Thank you for liking it. Medyo pinaghirapan ko siya ng one hour. Naiyak ako ng very light. Hahaha.

      And mygad gurl, the second I read your comment, the rain poured down and I was like HALLE-FUCKING-LUJAH!!!!!!!! At least lumamig ng very light.

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      1. OMG kinikilig ang puso ko. Thank youuuu ❤ Pero I think I really need to learn Photoshop soon. The software I'm currently using is just not cutting it any more and there are some things that I want to do but can't because the feature on Photoscape are very limited. 😦 Kung marunong ka ng PS, paturo please. 😦

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      2. Unfortunately hindi rin ako marunong ng Photoshop, teh, at hindi ko talaga kaya tyagain as of now na pag-aralan. I find it so overwhelming hahaha. Ano ba itong mga things that you want to do? I use Photoscape, too. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Tuturuan daw tayo ni Kim. Hahahaha. Tara. :p Di ko maexplain mga gusto kong gawin e. Like crop tas may outline na color?? Tapos collage (which I can do sa photoscape pero di lang talaga ko artistic)???? Tapos gusto ko ma-transfer yung sarili kong handwriting (which is pwede rin naman sa photoscape kelangan ko lang ng way para ma-digitize yung sulat ko) hahahaha jusko daming pangarap sa buhay



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