MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, You Will Always Be A Favorite

I have been using this product for years and have loved it for the same amount of time. I still remember that day when I finally got to purchase this and it was like birthing my own baby (although I can’t say for sure because I’ve never given birth to anything other than my poop).

You hear about this from basically all the beauty v/bloggers out there and you hear them praise it and mark it as their Holy Grail powder but you never really know how amazing this product truly is until you actually try it out for yourself.

And trust me, it’s fucking worth it.

The MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, according to the MAC website, is a slow-baked powder with M·A·C Multi-Mineral Complex that provides a natural, dimensional finish.

Ditto on the natural and dimensional finish.


This powder gives off that natural look without looking cakey or chalky or over-powdered or whatever. It’s just so goddamn natural and skin-like that it just seems like you didn’t apply any makeup on your face (when in reality, you probably brushed thousands of layers of this product on it).

Since this is marketed as neither a powder foundation nor a setting powder, I don’t know exactly what this powder is supposed to be. But lemme tell you, it’s a definite godsend.

On days when I just have to run a quick errand and don’t actually put too much work on my face, I brush this on my skin and voila! — I instantly look a gazillion times more alive than I had prior to application.

I still have the old packaging.

I also use this to warm up my face on days when I look extra pale and need some bronzing up. But I use this most for setting my concealer and foundation (when I apply one… which I rarely do these days).

Just so we’re clear, this does nothing for keeping my face matte. And I don’t think it helps much with oil control, either (but it doesn’t add to the oil build up as well so that’s a good thing). But I use it anyway because I love the natural finish that it gives my skin.

Most setting powders that I’ve tried always end up making me look like a mannequin and while some people prefer that, I really don’t. Besides, my face tends to ‘melt’ even before my days ends so with such a heavy base to accompany my extreme oiliness and the excruciating heat of this country? Well, talk about a disaster just waiting to happen.


Anyway, this powder is most definitely worth the hefty price tag. You really won’t have to apply too much on your face so you don’t have to worry about consuming the entire thing in less than a year.

Trust me on this as I’ve had this powder for about 4 years now and since these are photos I took four years ago which I lifted from my old blog, you don’t see that I’ve only just hit pan on it (I don’t even think that that checkered part is its pan, but whatever).

If you’re too stingy, like me, to spend on those infamous Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders, this is a much cheaper but equally effective (according to those who’ve tried both) alternative.

MAC Cosmetics stores & kiosks here in the PH (Megamall, Trinoma, Gateway Mall, Rustan’s Shangrila, and many more) for PHP2,000~
*Sorry, but I cannot remember the exact price since, well, I bought this 4 years ago.


  1. You’ve had this powder for 4 years? That is amazing!
    MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural is one of my all time favourite finishing powders – gives such a natural look. But mine doesn’t last that long!
    The other powder that is good is the Sephora Microsmooth Powder – gives the same finish and when Sephora has their sales, it’s less expensive than MAC per gram.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I have. And I’ve only recently made a dent on it. It’s amazing how long it lasts (feels like forever lol).

      I’ve heard of that Sephora one from this YouTuber. I think it was Thaytla something (fuck I can’t seem to remember her name). Hopefully, it’s available in Sephora PH.


    1. They are! Although I’ve only ever liked two — this and the sheer one (that I can’t seem to remember the name of; I think Select Sheer?).



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