Six Years Sober… And Counting

Okay, no. That was a lie. About two years ago, I drank half a bottle of beer (Red Horse) and I ended up puking my guts out all over my bedroom floor.

In my defense, I was sooooo brokenhearted at the time that my initial thought was to drink and just will the alcohol to help me forget the pain and the heartache and you know… cliché shit like that.

Other than that one slip, though, I’ve been basically sober since November 28, 2011 — I remember the exact date because that was the day after my 20th birthday. And on my birthday, I was so fucking drunk (because again, heartache and shit) and my head was throbbing like crazy that I actually said out loud to myself and to my friends (who were at my party then) that this would be the last time that I will drink.

Of course, it’s a very common “expression” for many Filipinos when they find themselves incredibly drunk.

“Ayoko nang uminom; last na talaga ‘to”.

But nobody that I know personally has ever actually gone through with it. Well, except me, that is (if we’re discounting that one slip from 2016).

I actually didn’t know why I decided to just stop drinking alcohol. I wasn’t sick (although I do have ulcer; but many people that I know also have ulcer and yet they still drink regularly or occassionally). I wasn’t even an alcohol addict. So really, there was no reason for me to just quit.

Now that I’m looking back at it, I really didn’t have a reason; I just decided and actually did it.

The funny and sometimes annoying thing about this alcohol sobriety that I voluntarily put myself in is that nobody (as in literally, nobody) believes me when I tell them that I don’t drink.

It’s a stereotypical thing, I suppose. I’m a pretty “out there” person; an extrovert, if you may — friendly, makes jokes all the time, and have a lot of tattoos (so even my body is loud and out there).

So when somebody asks me to go out drinking, I would immediately decline and say that I actually don’t drink. But if they’re okay with me just drinking iced tea and eating all their foods, then I might consider tagging along.

But then, nobody would believe me.

A mixture or some variety of “WEEEEEHs”, “DI NGAAAAA???”, “ULUUUUUL???”, and “GAGO MAPAGPANGGAP!”, plus some unnecessary cursing are thrown in my direction because apparently, I don’t look the part of someone who does not drink. Or in my case, has not drank alcohol in years.

Eventually though, these people would be able to wrap their heads around it and just leave me be. And sometimes, they’d be the first ones to point to other people that I don’t drink.

The truly irritating part is dealing with people who knew me back when I was still a heavy drinker (I have a seriously high alcohol tolerance back in the day; case in point: I would always be the last person in whatever group to feel drunk enough to give up and say no, even if the group’s filled with men who are supposedly heavier drinkers than women). They just would not quit offering me a glass, a shot, or a bottle of whatever alcoholic beverage they’re drinking at the time.

But yesterday, when I was looking at and taking care of my girlfriend who was so dead drunk, I once again found myself thinking that I would never want to feel that same way ever again. Feeling restless and nauseous is not good for anyone.

I guess all I’m saying here is that been there, done that, never going down that road again.

Maybe at some point in the future I’d start drinking again. Then again, maybe not. But right now, I can at least be proud to say that 1) I’ve been sober for years and 2) I fucking defy the stereotypes on tattooed individuals because not only do I not do drugs, I also don’t drink alcohol (I do listen to rock and roll, though, and have sex regularly).

I’m clinking your glasses and cheering you on with my cup of coffee.

DAY 2/30 → #30DaysOfWriting challenge for the entire month of April. Also, check out the first time I took part in this challenge.


  1. I was going to do a 30-day writing challenge too! I decided against it cause I want my content to actually mean something instead of my useless brain dump. (Not saying I don’t like reading your brain dump it’s just that I’m trying to filter what I post online lately. It’s part of this minimalism thing I’ve read.)

    Anyway, hahaha, I don’t drink too! I hate the hangover. It’s super fun when you drink and create memories but you can also have fun minus the drinking part. To each, their own but I applaud you so much for sticking by your choice. It’s great for your liver too! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha I get it. When I first did this challenge, everything was just clutter so there are some single posts that are meant for 2 or more days. But it pushed me to actually keep writing regardless of how cluttered and random the thoughts are since that’s basically the point of the challenge — to just push you into writing stuff because some people can’t even write anything on a given day (and being able to write is a privilege for me). Pero the past few months, I’ve been thinking about more and more things to write about to the point na nakakagawa ako ng mga 2-4 decent content in a single day. Tapos mate-tengga lang sa Drafts ko. Kaya ayun, ngayon, I have 60+ posts sa Drafts ko so now I decided to just put them all out. Some of them are admittedly half-assed and I will edit them pero still, I put some thought into each of them and they’re topics or things that matter to me (since even sa personal, ako yung tipo na maraming opinion about a lot of things). So ayun. Ang haba, te. Sabi na e. Dami kong kuda. Hahahaha

      Cheers to having fun minus the drinking or getting drunk apart. I realized that I appreciate more things when I’m not under the influence of alcohol. So I probably won’t go back to drinking any time soon. Hahahaha

      Liked by 2 people

      1. 60+ posts? HOW? Gusto ko din mag write ng mag write but with my schedule and commute, I don’t have time for it. I try to write as much as I can pag weekends pero wala minsan nangunguna ang katamaran. TELL ME YOUR SECRETSSSS.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. 60+ kasi even when I’m at work, I write. Actually, I do a lot of my extra curricular activities while at work. I’m surprised I still have a job. Hahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

      3. HAHAHAHAHA. Baliw ka. Ako din minsan sa office nag blog. I wonder nga kung nakikita ng mga IT people yun…na nagWordpress lang ako maghapon 😛


  2. I’m also not a heavy drinker. The few times I drink, I’m also one of the last to give up because I guess, I have high tolerance. But then even if I’ve never been actually wasak, I just kind of decided to stop accepting drinking invites lels

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    1. Woah. I actually thought you’re a foreigner. Hahahaha. Anyway, ayun, same same. I usually decline (like 90% of the time) invites to go out drinking because I don’t drink anyway so there are times when I don’t see the point. My friends would be too sabaw or wasak to talk anyway so I’d just ask them to hang out over coffee or food some other time. Hahaha

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  3. The thing about alcohol is that I like how it makes me feel DURING the moment I’m drinking it, but NOT AFTER. Hangovers are THE EFFIN’ WORST and I really don’t have any hangover cure apart from sleeping it away. Just last month, I was an hour late for work because some *evil* high school buddies managed to guilt-trip me into joining them. I arrived at work drunk as fuck. So I kinda understand why you wouldn’t want to look back.

    While I do enjoy barkada bonding over beer, a bottle or two is my limit. Otherwise, I know I wouldn’t stop until the world is spinning in my head. 😦

    P.S. Also I totally forgot, blogging-wise, that it was April 1st yesterday and I could have started #30DaysOfWriting, too! My calendar would totally look dope. Oh well. Looking forward to how yours would look like by the end of this month. I totally believe you can block all 30 days! ^_^

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    1. I’ve never liked how it made me feel — which makes me wonder why I was such a heavy drinker back in the day. I guess it was just the fun of being with friends and such. Hahaha. And yes, ditto on the hangover part. Like tangina te. Naexperience ko yung nagwalwal ako until 3 or 4 am ata and I have a 7:30am class the next day, ayun. Ang lola mo, suka galore sa LRT. Nakakahiya. Hahahahaha

      Aw. Sayang. I was looking forward to you doing the challenge pa naman. Grrrrr!!!

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