Adulting Should Come with A Warning Label and A Cancel Button

Alright, I know it did because as someone who was raised in a semi-typical Filipino household, the phrase “maiintindihan mo rin ‘yan ‘pag tanda mo” was often thrown every which way possible.

Of course, being the spoiled brat kid that I was, I couldn’t fully grasp the idea of the whole damn thing. Like, okay, I know I’m going to get old someday but I knew that it wasn’t going to be that hard. After all, my parents made it look so damn easy.

And my father, specifically, threw money like he had an infinite amount of it.

But reality had to come in and swoop the mantel right from beneath me because at the young age of 18, I was forcefully thrown into the middle of “adulthood” (I know for many other people, 18 actually means already being an adult and independent but here in the PH, when you’re 18, despite you being a legal adult, you’re still somehow considered a kid).

Now almost a decade has passed and I still haven’t fully adjusted to this adulting gig.

Actually, is there a cancel subscription button here somewhere? Because I’m all for just being a 10-year-old again, simply worrying about practically nothing in particular, except maybe what toy I want my parents to buy for me next.

These days, what I’m worrying about are bills, paying my credit card debts, what to buy on my next grocery trip because god forbid I can’t figure out what meals I should cook, figuring out which household appliance to buy first and what money I’m gonna use to pay for those appliances, and then more bills and more debts.

Last weekend, I decided to finally buy a washing machine (because making my girlfriend hand wash all our laundry is quite possibly inhumane) and it’s only April but that already marks my second household appliance this year (first one was the TV in our room).

After purchasing the damn thing, I went in front of my computer and started computing my bills for the next 12 months. I swear to god, I almost threw a fit!

It’s so fucking insane, there are times when I just wanna pull all my hair out, curl up in a corner, and just stop caring altogether.

I was in such a hurry to grow up then and now that I am, I just wanna press pause or stop and then rewind to the days when I had it so fucking easy. I just took it all for granted. Even being forced to take a nap in the afternoon seems like a much better alternative to what I’m facing now.

DAY 3/30 → #30DaysOfWriting challenge for the entire month of April. Also, check out the first time I took part in this challenge.


  1. This is the reason I am not having any of my children accelerate a grade-level up in school. Kasi the moment we all started to work, oh how we prayed na sana estudyante na lang ulit tayo. So why should I cut her school days shorter. Ang lungkot maibato agad sa adult world.

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    1. Actually! Dapat enjoyin lang nila pagiging bata. Ang hirap maging matanda, naaasar na ko. Hahaha. Nag “talk” nga kami ng pamangkin ko kasi she really wants to be an adult na raw and naiinis na raw siya sa pagiging teenager and I’m like “gurl, please, sige, palit tayo ng pwesto”. Hahaha


  2. I agree! Ayaw ko na. Ang hirap sobra. You get good days and then you have baaaaddddd help me please days. 😦 Ako nga ayaw ko na lang isipin yung amount of money na need namin para maging mas liveable yung place namin. Ang hirap! 😦 Pero kaya natin ito!

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    1. Jusko. Sobrang nganga na ko. Dami kong gustong gawin/bilhin, pero at the same time, dami ko naman kelangan bayaran so ewan ko nalang talaga. 😦

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    I think nothing can really prepare us for adulthood, altho exposure and maybe revolutionizing the education system can help (like schools SHOULD teach us some basic life skills and adulthood truths, i.e., credit cards are evil and all that lol)

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