Jumping on the Netflix Bandwagon

I finally caved and subscribed to Netflix. Okay, granted that I’m still currently under the free month trial, but still, it feels like a commitment already.

Actually, I was already subscribed to Netflix back in 2015 but cancelled the damn thing since there wasn’t really much to choose from at the time. What I can watch on there, I can stream or download somewhere else for free (albeit illegally, of course, but whatever, sue me) so I didn’t really see the point in sticking around.

But now, I see that Netflix has upped its game by tons because I am seeing a lot of choices here and I don’t even know where to fucking begin.

Okay, Netflix. I see you. I might just keep my subscription this time around.


Today though, all I did was binge watch the first season of Girlboss — the show that’s based on the book written by Sophia Amurouso that’s based on her life and how she got to own a multi-million dollar fashion empire.

I’ve been seeing this show floating around social media for quite some time now but I never really bothered with it until now. Hopefully, the show doesn’t disappoint. The feminist in me is screaming cries of joy and my lesbian self is totally crushing on Britt Robertson.

Other Netflix Original stuff that I intend to watch are —

Stranger Things

I know, I know… practically everyone and their entire family has watched this show but I’m just halfway through the second season and I intend on finishing it before the month ends.


I lost the willpower to start the second season when I found out that fucking Netflix fucking cancelled this genius show!

I was so in love with the first season that I couldn’t wait for the second one. But I did and only to find out, days after, that the show has been cancelled.

But whatever. I’ll finish the entire thing, anyway.

#RealityHigh & You Get Me

Ah, some Netflix Original Movies. Aside from Veronica, I haven’t actually watched another Netflix original film but now that I’ve a subscription, I’m gonna give both of these movies a try.

If I end up not liking them, at least I have 10 Things I Hate About You, Wild Child, and Clueless to fall back on (all movies are available on Netflix, btw).

Some non-Netflix Original shows that I want to catch up on —

How to Get Away with Murder & Suits

Lawyer shows are kind of my thing so of course, I watch these two. Why I haven’t watched them for so long is beyond me.

But that’s all in the past as I’m definitely making it a goal to pick up where I left off and be updated on the latest episodes. It’s a good thing that I’m great at avoiding spoilers that’s seemingly everywhere these days.

Anyway, any TV series or movie suggestions — ones that I’d find on Netflix?


    1. I tried! But I stopped after the 2nd episode. Too much weird shit! Hahaha. And yes, The 100’s one of my favorites, too!


  1. Too bad Sense8 got cancelled. I felt the same way after learning that they cancelled the show but the they have decided to give us a 2 hour season finale. We at least get something instead of being left off on a freaking cliffhanger!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really hoping that they do an amazing finale! And I can’t wait to catch up on season 2, but I’ll probably do it once the finale comes out.


    1. Lagi nalang suggestion to, masubukan na nga. Isang episode palang napanood ko e (San Junipero) and I loved it so, hmmm, sige. Will watch it soon!

      Liked by 1 person


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