Rose Me Up with e.l.f. Liquid Lipstick in Blushing Rose and Tea Rose

I liked Mauvelous a lot and it had one of the more comfortable matte liquid lipstick formulas that I’ve tried in a while. So naturally, I had to purchase more shades.

During e.l.f.’s post-holiday season sale, I got myself these two: Blushing Rose and Tea Rose. I was still eyeing Praline but it was still sold out at the time (just like when I first ordered) so I had to settle for the next shades on my list.

Well, I still do like Mauvelous but these other two were nothing but a disappointment… unfortunately for me.

Both had very similar tones to them (which I did not expect, regardless of the fact that they both have the word rose on their names) when worn on the lips and the tone is not one that is flattering on my skin color.

They were both so cool-toned and so nude that as a combination, I ended up looking half-dead, with the lower half of my body already on its way to being six feet under.

They look so different when swatched, but so similar on my lips.

Now, I’m anemic so my au naturale “look” is already one that resembles that of a cast from A Walking Dead (and no, I’m not referring to the living, breathing people on that show) so actually, intentionally applying a product on my face that would not only emphasize that fact but actually make it a thousand times worse? Okay, no, thank you.

But that’s not all. You’d think that’s all. Believe me, I wish it was the worst part.

Aside from the zombie-vibes that both these shades gave me, I also had to endure the terrible formula.

Before that, I would like to point out — if you’re still unaware of this fact — that my lips could endure drier matte lipsticks. Those formulas don’t bother me and/or my lips. So when a lipstick actually dries my lips out? Well, you know we have a problem.

Ah yes, bad quality photos are da bomb these days.
This is what happens after they’ve dried down and not even an hour on my arm. (Mind you, I’ve just been typing and browsing the web so… be the judge.) Patchy. As. Fuck.

Not only are these drying and seemingly sucking in all the moisture out of my entire existence, both of these also applied like a motherfucking nightmare!

One, they’re incredibly patchy. Two, they don’t layer well (one that you need to be able to do seamlessly since they’re patchy). Three, they’re just really goddamn patchy.

And then, after a few hours of wear with bit of food and drinks, you end up with some patchy, tacky, and chappy mess. Like, who the fuck wants that kind of shit on their lips???

Tea Rose in the old packaging and Blushing Rose in the more elegant new one.

If there’s any redeeming thing from these, it would have to be the new packaging. Plastic-glass (if there’s even such a thing because it feels like a combination of plastic and glass), frosted tube that looks sleek and elegant. I mean, okay, I’m all for that.

But hell no because the colors don’t suit me and the formula just fucking stinks, okay? I wish e.l.f. did a better job at being consistent because I really did love Mauvelous and for the life of me I can’t get over the fact that these are basically trash-worthy. 😩

DAY 7/30 → #30DaysOfWriting challenge for the entire month of April. Also, check out the first time I took part in this challenge.



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