MKNA Food Adventure @ Shachihoko Ramen

In our quest to finding the best Japanese restaurant-slash-ramen house here in the Metro, the girlfriend and I decided to give the Japanese restaurants that are a mere 3 to 5 minute walk away from where we live.

No hassle of commuting? No public transportation fare? Okay, let’s do it!The first one on our list was Shachihoko Ramen โ€“ a place that claims to give you some authentic Japanese food dining experience did not really live up to what it says.

It was a 3 minute walk from where we live but sadly, it was but a disappointment. Apart from the gyoza, the ramen and the sushi were both simply okay.

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Tantanmen Ramen, PHP288
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I ordered the Tantanmen Ramen which was one of the more expensive ones that they had on their menu. Since I like me some spiciness, I opted for this and it was blah. Although the girlfriend and I both liked the noodles, the soup didn’t taste all that great. And it has this weird texture since the meat on it was minced/ground pork.

It was simply too pricey for its mediocre taste. I mean, PHP238 for such a small bowl of ramen that didn’t even have chashu pork in it? No, thank you.

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California Maki, PHP228/8pcs.
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Also, the California Maki, albeit pretty good, actually just taste like the ones from Tokyo Tokyo (and you can get them for a much cheaper price there, too) or those that could be purchased at grocery stores. Oh hell, you can even purchase a box of 8 at the Ta Ke Ho Me Sushi Stand for just PHP99! What a fucking rip off.

The Yaki Gyoza, though, was something and if I/we ever decide to come back here again, it would most likely be just for the gyoza.

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Yaki Gyoza, PHP138/6pcs.
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But I’m a little curious about the rest of their menu, especially their Ebi Fry. So maybe we’ll go back to try out the rest of what they have, but not for their ramen. Plus, the place was cozy and the service was commendable. And I also love that they’re discouraging tipping since they already have a 10% service charge.

Their ramen, was just really disappointing, I wish I spent that almost PHP300 on something else.

11AM to 2PM; 5PM to 9PM, Everyday
GF C&B Circle Mall, Liwasang Kalayaan Ave. Marikina Heights, Marikina City


  1. There’s this ramen place in malate near sogo hotel were I tasted the best ramen buttt it’s now closed. Mendokoro Ramenba would be one of my bets for best ramen. Haven’t tried Ippudo though.

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