A Quiet Place — My Very Unpopular Opinion

Emily Blunt plays Evelyn Abbott in A QUIET PLACE, from Paramount Pictures.


A few days ago, my friends and I watched this super hyped-up suspense/thriller movie – A Quiet Place. If we’re friends on Facebook or if you have read this post, then you already know what I feel about this film.

Needless to say, I did not like it at all. I mean, practically everyone and the rest of their family and friends loved this film so I ended up with so much expectation and ugh, it was all but a disappointment.And I wasn’t alone in this because the friends who I watched this film with also disliked it and had several negative opinions about it, too.

So A Quiet Place is this movie that’s set in 2020 where most of human civilization has been wiped out due to the invasion of some extra-terrestrial monsters. These ETs have hypersensitive hearings that even a simple human conversation can be heard by them from miles away. And if they do hear you, they’re immediately right where you are in less than 30 seconds and before you know it, you’re dead.


Bottomline — stay quiet, stay alive.

I have a lot of issues with this film but the main thing that put me off is how boring it truly is. There was no suspense or thrill factor for me. They had to stay quiet so most of the film lacked any conversation between the characters so it was so goddamn boring, I almost fell asleep.

I guess the main pull for people is the not knowing. Will they suddenly make a noise and get killed? Will they be able to defeat them and if so, how?

But fuck, this was just too much of a snoozefest for me.

Okay, the actors were amazing. Emily Blunt was impeccable in this. John Krasinski (who was also the director) did an amazing job. And the kids were superb. It wasn’t the acting that put me off but the storyline itself.

The way to defeat the monsters were figured out in the last ten minutes of the film (although us, the audience, have managed to figure it out about halfway through the movie) so the real action begins just as the movie’s about to end.


And then when you think about it; when you think about your Science classes back in elementary and high school, you end up thinking about this — WHY COULDN’T HAVE THEY FIGURED OUT THE “SOLUTION” EARLY ON IN THE FILM??? It was so scientifically simple that the fact that no one on Earth thought about it was so fucking laughable.

Sure, the story itself is original and nothing quite like I’ve seen before but they could have done more and could have given us more! It was so stupidly boring that I just could not wrap my head around the outpour of positive reviews for this film. Sure there aren’t any cheap jump scares and theatrics here, but still, it was just too much of a snoozefest.

Like I said, my opinion is a very unpopular one. Who knows, you might end up liking this film, too, as much as other people have. But like a friend of mine said, I have very high standards when it comes to suspense/thriller/horror movies as I am not easily thrilled or scared or basically impressed.

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  1. The biggest glitch in this film is that the extraterrestrials seem like lower animal forms. Yung image ko sa aliens is they’re supposed to be lightyears ahead of us in intelligence and technology. Naiisip ko paano sila nakarating sa earth tapos ganun sila, di nagsasalita tapos walang eyesight. It makes me theorize that the aliens we saw on the film are the dispensable ones na unang sinasabak sa gera to purge humans tapos pag-ubos na tayo, dadating na yung tunay na aliens. Am I making sense??? Hahaha!

    Anyway, isinantabi ko yung glitch na yun at nagpaka-enjoy na lang. I seldom watch horror or suspense/thriller movies because I get vivid nightmares after watching. So yung level of suspense na nafeel ko angtaas 😂

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    1. Isa pa yan. Like how did they manage to get to Earth kung ganon. LOL. Masyado na yata talagang bongga standards ko sa suspense/thriller films. Di na ko mabilis ma-amaze hahahaha. Kainis.


    1. Yun lang nagustuhan ko. Original yung story. Plus the actors pala — they were all amazing! Pero as a whole, hindi siya ganun ka thrilling for me. Nag-expect kasi ako na nakakatakot siya. Kaya siguro ganito yung feeling ko. Pero kung classified siya as a Sci-Fi film (minus it being categorized as Horror, Suspense, or Thriller), then baka mas nagustuhan ko. Hahaha

      And yes, ang galing nung bata na yun. ☺️

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