Saturday Rants

So a few weeks ago, this girl posted her bullet journal and her spreads were obviously copied from mine. But this girl didn’t even give me any credit. And had I not called her out on it, she wouldn’t even bother “apologizing” (I don’t consider an apology being provided after one’s called out on his/her mistake) and owning up to what she did.

Now, some of you might think that that’s okay or that I shouldn’t be pissed off about it, but well, I am.

Not only that — this same girl also copied my “random thoughts on a ____” series on this blog. I know that random thoughts posts is not something that’s original to me and/or this blog, but it’s the fact that it was followed by “on a” that ticked me off. Then we also have that other bit wherein the entire post is in bullet-type form, just like mine.

Like girl, really, can’t you come up with your own ideas? If not, can you, at the very least, credit the person who actually came up with these ideas instead of passing it off as your own?

It’s not okay and it will never be okay for someone else to think or assume that it’s perfectly fine to just “steal” or copy someone else’s idea. True that you did the rest of the work yourself but the fact still remains that you wouldn’t have anything to do in the first place had you not copied that shit from another person.

Have some decency, would you?

So what made me rant about this in the first place? Well, I have this app on my phone that lets me know who unfollowed me on Instagram. I checked this app earlier (after weeks) and saw this person’s handle on the list. When I checked her Instagram account, it looks like she not just unfollowed me, she actually blocked me (on both my accounts).

You’re the one who did me wrong and yet you’re still the one who had the audacity to unfollow me? But the unfollowing and the blocking is not the issue here but it’s the fact that you’re a manggagaya and me knowing that you blocked me simply reminded me of that.

With Love, V


  1. Hehehe congrats on being someone’s idol. On the lighter side, magagaling lang naman na tao ang iaaspire natin gayahin, so do the math. 😉 Pero sobrang magnanakaw nga lang ni ate. She could’ve mentioned that her work is derived from yours, which will be sweet pa nga.


      1. HAHAHAHAHAHA sorry!! Binubura ko kasi minsan ung mga social media ko. 😛 Anyway sana regular blogging ka na uli kasi namiss ko yung mga sulat mo 😀



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